hard/soft-hot/cold-slow/fast-sensual differences  

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8/1/2005 4:07 pm

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hard/soft-hot/cold-slow/fast-sensual differences

The body is a wonderful thing.It reacts to subtle changes and is stimulated.

You could start with an invigoratingly hard massage but interspersed with delicate feather touches.

Or the warmth of a liqueur contrasting with an ice cube touching the skin.

Speed-is it just fast,fast,fast, to get her to orgasm or is it slow, slow,quick, quick,slow?

They say variety is the spice of life-so true in sexual encounters. Why just suck a nipple when you can caress, lick, tickle and pinch in a variety of sensual ways.

Every part of the body, mens or womens, reacts to the variety of stimulation. Use your mind to be creative,inventive-don't just stick towhat's worked in the past. Use your imagination-the most powerful tool known to mankind-to take your partner to the places even they have not imagined.

What makes you go weak at the knees may not be the same for your partner-SO ASK! Erogenous zones are not a map from A to B, they can be a road to nowhere or the stairway to heaven. Give your partner directions, and they will never get lost!

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