Midnight at the oasis  

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8/4/2005 4:08 pm

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Midnight at the oasis

Just had an eventful evening with a new partner.
It's at the-"what does she want-what does he want" stage.

Pretence? Don't we all want the same? Someone to love and be loved by? Why the mystery? Afraid of rejection, hurt, letting yourself go for once? What's the worst scenario?

This goes through all our minds when entering a new relationship. Instead of looking at worst case scenario , why don't we look at best case?

Basic fear of the unknown leads us to put up insurmountable walls-is it any wonder that we never find TRUE happiness?

The prophecy that " Men are from Mars,& Women are from Venus" is not true when it comes to relationships. I believe that we all speak the save language,albeit with a different dialect!

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