we are the champions!  

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10/22/2005 5:02 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

we are the champions!

wooohoo we won the golf competition I went to play in in The Emirates! With Chelsea winning 4-0 in the Champions League has been a great few days of sport for me!

Am glad to be home though. Phew! Not enough sleep and far too much drinking and late nights. Were treated like Kings by the folks in the UAE what a nice bunch of people. All in all a damned fine weekend! Few of the guys went out and picked up some local working girls for parties in the hotel but decided not to join - as have said before - not my thing. Still they had a good time and girls got well paid so best of luck to them is my view!

Stayed in the bar at the hotel and met a really sweet young arab couple. They even came down to try and see me next day which was really cool. Will keep in touch with them and hope that just maybe ..... <grin>. So as far as I am concerned - yes I did get lucky *S*

Felt like death warmed up all day yesterday - I am getting too damned old for all the partying I do. Nah bugger it - we are a long time dead - live now and to hell with the consequences! I know well that all the craziness will kill me off several years before I would otherwise peg out but at least when on my death bed I wont be lying thinking "I wish I had......." That to me would be the worst thing that could happen to me! So party on!!!!!

Quiet day playing on pc and doing chores around the house methinks. Golf tomorrow and may just have to go out and play golf on Monday afternoon - just for a change hehehehe. I need to get a real job <sigh>.

Maybe do some "partying" AdultFriendFinder style during the week that would be fun mmmmm More on that later.

as for now Mrs just came back in so off to share cup of tea yum yum yum

till next time


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