she is home!!!!!!!!!!!  

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9/14/2005 6:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

she is home!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhhh at last I have my life back!!!! Got home this morning safe and well and is now tucked up sound asleep. Is wonderful to have her home. Funny how we dont really realise the true value of things we have in our life till they are gone isnt it? Not referring to the Mrs - I KNOW what fer value is to me!!!!

Was thinking of people and their arbitrary attitude to friendships. ah on second thoughts - not going there - today is too good a day and am too mellow for that bollocks hahaha.

Time prediction was slightly out but end result was definitely the same hehehehe Happy bunny with a big grin on my face today About bloody time if she had been away any longer I would have gone totally blind!!!! hehehehe

Hardly slept last few weeks - Mrs being away - frustration (business and sexual lol) - mind racing with all sorts of things in there that perhaps should not have been - still there as well - ah well c'est la vie. Get your head together SET and act your age not like a teenage pup.

am going to go snuggle with Mrs and watch a movie - no not a porno hahaha - dont need one of those to get things moving right now! lol

till next time SET

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