seems can now share the birthday story! wooohooo  

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seems can now share the birthday story! wooohooo

well i hope i can anyway fingers crossed - have tried to post it in the magazine as well (in erotic stories) so with luck will get through and can share with people who like me enjoy such stories. Here it is for what it is worth - till later SET

Who said getting older was dull? Mrs and I didnt start "swinging" till we were in our 40s - probably because we were too busy bringing up kids etc - usual excuses for not doing things I guess. Once we did though we decided that we would explore all there was to explore. We have had some great adventures together. Thought I would write just one down that we shared. Is all truly as it happened on 10th May 2003. Hope those that read this enjoy sharing with me a special moment in my life.

Two years ago on my 47th birthday Mrs invited some friends round to the house. Married couple ,will call him B and her S and a girl friend, will call her L. We had played with B and S before, in fact they were our first! Maybe write that story sometime later. Though it had come close with L several times nothing had ever happened sexually. Though to be honest it came VERY close several times hehehe. Unexpectedly an old friend from UK called early evening and said he was in town so he was also invited over, will call him V. He had NO idea of our swinging lifestyle ....then lol.

Evening started off as usual with drinks at the bar in our sitting room. Is a big room with three separate areas. B and S were in great form. I always love flirting with S. She is petite and has a great body. She has lovely little tits and a delicious ass which I have had the pleasure of fucking several times mmmmm. B loves showing her off so always makes sure she is dressed in very little. Works for me! L was also in a devilish mood and got stuck in to the booze early. Conversation became risque early on and seemed as tho all were charged up. B as always became the leader and got the girls playing silly drinking games - somehow B's games always end up with a sexual nature hehehe. Lots of fondling and giggling - great fun. Mrs was joining in and the girls were getting more and more playful. V joined the party late but had had a few drinks with friends before hand so didnt need to do any catching up on the booze front lol.

Not quite sure who's idea it was but we decided to drink tequila shots. I do remember it was I that decided to teach the girls how to get the salt the best way. Actually thinking of it - was Mrs that suggested that - more I think more I realise just how much she engineered this lot lol. Anyway, Tequila is always best when body salt is used rather than that from a packet mmmm.

B of course had to make some rules for us all lol. So everybody had to take a turn lying on the floor and each of the others had to take a small shot of tequila then lick the salt off that persons body - one after the other. You could either take the shot first then lick or lick then shot - up to the licker. Started with arms and necks then rather quickly moved to faces and lips mmmmm L tasted gorgeous - had wanted to taste her properly for a long time. The tasting was timed so as people did not get carried away too quickly - ten seconds each. S always tastes wonderful and Mrs is simply perfect so I was a VERY happy man. Being my birthday the time was doubled when I laid on the floor. The girls all were happy to lick each of the others. As none of them are bi that was a little bit of a surprise but none of the guys were complaining! Sadly from my perspective, despite the girls all trying to get them going, neither B nor V wanted to take salt from any other guy nor have it taken from them by a guy - pity as I was definitely happy and up for it lol. Gradually of course the clothes were removed and again as it was my birthday I was the first on to each new body part. The girls all adored having their nipples sucked with a mouthful of tequila washing over them - said it stung but in a really wonderful way. Had to agree when they also did that to me - one after the other. Needless to say that as S, L and Mrs each bent over to lick someone else the guys took liberties from behind lol. When S was on the floor and Mrs was licking her nipples L joined in on the other one and together they reduced S to a shivering wreck - awesome sight for the guys mmmmm. Not bad for three straight girls lol.

Eventually all in the room were naked apart from undershorts and panties. There was no going back and one after the other I stripped the girls and licked each of those gorgeous pussies. God they were wet and each tasted absolutely wonderful. I decided to take the shot after the licking this time as covering their pussies in raw tequila would not have done much for their evening but sucking those gorgeous pussy lips and stroking their clits with my tongue which was coated in the spirit made the three of them writhe. There was no way I was going to accept stopping at any time limit and all three were licked and sucked until they came for me. Was the job of B and V and each of the other girls to get them going again hehehehe. When it was my turn to lie on the floor I was made to wait till last by the girls. B and V were both stripped and one after the other the girls sucked and licked their balls and their cocks until both were left gasping but still hard. They were not allowed to cum - the girl's revenge for not also exploring a bit of biplay for them to watch and enjoy lol. The girls - all three- then dragged me onto the floor and together all three filled their mouths with tequila and began to suck and lick all over my thighs, cock and balls. Time and again I was sucked into a mouthful of tequila which at first stung and made me gasp. I was soon though gasping for other reasons and the feeling was incredible as those three lovely girls licked and sucked me all over. That couldnt last for long. Mrs was sucking my balls and S and L were sharing my cock both working hard to make me cum. I howled and literally exploded over the three of them. Each grabbed me and sucked one after the other, passing my cock round as though it were a sweet to be shared. L swung her body over me and was rubbing her pussy over my mouth and face desperately trying to cum again - she was going nowhere until she did that was clear. I was soaked by her as she screamed into S's mouth. The girls all swung round and kissed and licked at my lips and face. B and V who had been watching leapt on Mrs and S from behind and began to fuck them both hard from behind as they lay on me. For some reason when I cum from a blowjob I always stay hard after but always go soft quickly when I cum inside a pussy though hmmm odd that, wonder why? So L was able to grab me and slide herself down and push me inside her. I had her at last. She was very tight and very hot. She and S and Mrs still kissed and licked at my face and each other as all three were fucked - I cannot explain how that felt adequately. Was a wonderful experience I may never have again but obviously would love to have once more. When all had cum (I did not again tho - must have been the booze lol) We simply laid on the floor and hugged and laughed and giggled. Mrs was totally exhausted and went off upstairs to bed followed by V who slept with her and was woken by a delicious suck and fuck he says. B and S played with L and I for a little while but had to get home because of the kids so they disappeared shortly thereafter. L and I made ourselves comfortable on our huge sitting room sofa and spent the night just snoozing and playing gently with each other. In the morning I made very slow and gentle love to her. It truly was love making rather than fucking. True friends sharing everything we had to give to each other. Too few realise the difference bewteen love making and fucking - is a totally different act. We both knew that this was probably the last time we would get to share this together. Sadly this was true. A few months later she met a great guy and married him and now lives in another country which shall remain nameless. B and S we see each week and are still our closest friends (having dinner tonight with them in fact). V comes to Bahrain from time to time and has finally got the message that this was a one off for him lol. Mrs and I from time to time talk of that evening and laugh and smile together. Was a birthday to remember even if things went slightly further than she first intended - or did they?

50 next year - wonder what she has planned. Any suggestions?

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