phew been an active few days!  

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8/14/2005 8:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

phew been an active few days!

usually at this time of the year the middle east is dead well hasnt quite been that way last little while that's for sure!

Had a wonderful evening at our good friends F and Y's house last wednesday and that sort of set the tone for the weekend hahaha. Got home from their's at 4.30 smashed as usual hahaha What a great crowd *S* Good vanilla friends there and once they had disappeared a little risque fun as well lol. Mimi and Dorian were lots of fun - what a delight they have turned out to be - totally bonkers (well they are Belgian after all! lol). Sexy as hell and simply great fun to spend time with. F and Y of course are a total joy to be with as always. Mrs had to go early so decided to be the gentleman and NOT stay and play gooseberry if the other couples wanted to play - that was cool though. Hope they did and had fun *S* Young Indian couple were there also they were really nice - liked them a lot *S*

Thursday HAD to turn down invite for drinks as was still wasted from Wed night hahaha and up for golf at the crack of dawn as usual. Great brunch with two lovely girl friends (vanilla sadly lol) then drinks on Friday night - again! eeek Both were knackered saturday night so again early night - after watching cricket and footie all day! The premiership is back - COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!! Champions again this year wooohooo!
Invited to a photo shoot tonight mmmmm but Mrs not keen so going to miss out - again! aaarrrgh How f*****g frustrating this gets! ah well c'est la vie.

eeek getting shouted at for dinner - am off! till next time SET

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