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1/21/2006 6:01 pm

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new story

Is 4 am and cant sleep, again sigh. Mind wont stop working guess I havent found the off switch. Ah well means I get some things written i have been meaning to put down for a while. Have just posted a new story in the swinging section of the magazine hope people go and have a look. No point putting it here and asking for comments as nobody bothers so would be a waste of time. is the true story of my first night with the girl who became my second collared slave. Travelled to USA with Mrs to meet her and her hubby and turned into a long term long distance love affair between the four of us, extraordinary thing to happen.

feeling a tad miserable about all the AdultFriendFinder stuff at the moment. may well abandon the whole thing as time and again get people simply telling lies. Pisses me off. Cant see the point of me being honest all the time and trying to be nice to people simply to find out I have been lied to and played along yet again. Is it me? Do I encourage people to play me as a fool? I guess I must as it keeps happening. Maybe I should stop being honest and nice to people and simply act as everybody else seems to do and be a total selfish bastard and take what I want give as little as poss in return.

I am off to play games.

till next time SET

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