nearly holiday time! wooohoo!  

hubbyontheloose 60M  
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5/29/2006 6:35 am
nearly holiday time! wooohoo!

Off on the big silver bird tomorrow night (well 1.30am Wed anyway) to the UK! Getting off the island at last for a while phew! No more Island fever! woohooo!

The wedding we are going to will be fun and also will be great to see our kids and family of course but have to say am really looking forward to our week in Amsterdam!!! That is going to be a blast!!!! A whole week in an apartment just off Dam square with our great friends YESS11000 will be just awesome During the day visiting the nice things in the City - hey we really DO enjoy the museums and canal trips etc etc At night though will go wild! woohoo! Trying to persuade the others we should have a party at the apartment and invite some local couples for a fun night. Sounds good to me! Especially if is a bi-couple! lol I really do enjoy playing with couples where the guy is bi like me and we can have totally free and unrestricted fun between all. Would work well as Mr YESS is straight and Mrs YESS is bi. Mrs SET is straight and I am bi - something for everybody to enjoy hehehehe. Well guess we will see what happens and what can be organised. Will talk the others into this I hope. Mrs isnt too keen to go to a club such as goignuts or Fun4Two as she is still nervous so a party at the apartment which is very much under our control would be ideal Will write it up here if it happens


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