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hubbyontheloose 60M  
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7/20/2006 7:48 am

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8/13/2006 5:20 am

my interests

Have been talking with a couple from neighbouring country about getting together for fun. Also was sent a message from a really nice couple here in Bahrain today asking me what MY interests would be in being with them. Grief all this has got me thinking in a very horny way!

I make NO secret that I am bisexual (anybody who has read this blog and doesnt know that by now needs to learn to read better! ) lol

So my response to the bahrain couple was I want to play with them BOTH as long as the guy was happy with that - if not then is cool can still play with the girl together and make sure SHE is happy in all the ways SHE wants to be. I am nobodies' performing seal and refuse to be treated as such why then should the guys expect her to do anything she would be unhappy with? I adore d/p (both anal/pussy and pussy/pussy) but some girls just cannot accomodate that - is too painful. Double oral or oral/pussy d/p is still wonderful and any man should regard it as a privilege to be treated to that by a girl. Hope they like the ideas and we get to meet and explore this together as it will be fun for all

With the couple I have been talking directly to, HE is also bi and she straight so is perfect for me. We discussed in great detail what we enjoyed. She likes all forms of d/p though has to be in the mood for two cocks in her at once. That is cool - if she is not 100% comfortable would not be enjoyable for her so how could I therefore enjoy? It is a major turn off for me if I feel the girl isn't happy with what is happening or being done to her.

With the bi-play I love ALL forms - oral and anal - both ways! Is wonderful to have the guy inside me while I am inside the girl (pussy or ass) mmmm Same the other way around too - me in him while he fucks her. (those thoughts making me squirm here hehehe). One of my greatest delights though is to be underneath the girl in 69 while he is fucking her doggy style. That way can lick and suck them both at the same time as they fuck each other - wonderful experience for all three. Without fail it drives the girl totally crazy to be feel her clit being licked and sucked by me while another man is inside her. Is great for the guy too of course to be licked and sucked while he is fucking the girl.

They will be coming here to Bahrain soon and we plan to get together to meet for the first time. Hopefully all will go well for all of us and we can explore those thoughts. I have been lucky enough in the past to explore all these things with other couples but each new person is a totally different experience. Nobody feels the same or reacts the same so is always a wonderful new adventure.

Realise that many guys reading this may go "eeewww". Is a shame, I feel, that more guys cant relax and simply enjoy ALL that life has to offer. Is sadly often because of social pressure or ingrained prejudice they find the idea of biplay objectionable rather than because of instinctive personal dislike. I would never push this on them but would simply tell them - try it and see what you think before saying is not good. The old adage "suck it and see" lol If is simply a bad idea instinctively then respect to that and enjoy guys

My experience has been that women in general if honest find the idea of a MMF 3some really exciting. I honestly dont know any woman (from current and past play friends) that does not get turned on at the thought of male biplay whe they are also participating. So what's the response from readers here - good ideas or bad ideas? Would be particularly interested to hear the female response to see if my theory holds up. Turn on or turn off? (my money for the females is on a majority for "turn on" lol)

Till next time SET xxxx

rm_mmmgoodnova 105M/105F
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7/20/2006 5:59 pm

Female response here: turn on.
How's that for brevity, eh?

hubbyontheloose replies on 7/23/2006 6:13 am:
brief and succinct - perfect Sort of guessed from our previous discussions what your thought might be lol - excellent

wondertwins2006 43F/38F
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8/5/2006 3:12 am

Would LOVE a MMF threesome, but you already knew that. If only I could find two like-minded male type people to help me. Sigh. *eyes cast heavenward* One of these days.

hubbyontheloose 60M  
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8/5/2006 9:33 am

what the F**K is wrong with the men in America?!!!! A gorgeous girl makes a comment like this and she is waiting???? Ye gods! Even if I wasnt bi I would become so for a while just to have the chance to spend time with someone so beautiful as "wonder" Get a move on guys!!!!

(ok baby that's a tenner you owe me for the plug! hehehehe)

hubbyontheloose 60M  
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8/13/2006 5:20 am

playrigal - I am definitely living in the wrong country! hahahaha Wonder if any of the guys reading this may just get the hint that fears they may have about how a woman would react may perhaps be more in their own minds and a result of their own inbuilt fears than in the minds of the women they know. Well if helps one guy get more from life than he otherwise would is a good thing right? As for you - again as i said to "wonder" - what is wrong with the guys in the US? lol Where did I put my passport? hmmmmmm

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