masturbation - solitary or group fun?  

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2/21/2006 12:24 am

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3/7/2006 11:49 pm

masturbation - solitary or group fun?

Funny enough this has been a subject I have talked about several times recently online with friends. Previously, I didn’t usually get involved with cybering must admit but has been fun recently sharing this with a US girl friend and a lovely couple in the US as well.

At the end of the day so called "cyber sex" is just masturbation but isn’t it a good feeling to know that somebody else wants you and wants to share what you are doing? I like that thought. When that somebody is a person you like a LOT then is extra special. I really do like this girl in the States a LOT as well. She has become a wonderful friend with whom I can share anything and everything. No subject is taboo between us now. Will see her one day and look forward to simply giving her a huge hug and telling her how special she is and how much her friendship and love brightens my life.

Is also nice to know that words you have written or may write turn people on and they enjoy reading those and they have the power to make them want you and to cum with you. That is truly a wonderful thought; it makes the effort of writing all the more worthwhile. Damn shame I can’t make money out of writing my stories at the moment, seems people enjoy those. Maybe I should look into it. We will see. My “first night with labwa” story seems to have been particularly well received. Must write the entire story, maybe publish it. What do you think? lol

Anyway, back to the subject in hand (lol). I really enjoy watching the webcam site on AdultFriendFinder from time to time. I take the laptop through to bed and Mrs and I browse through the cams. Mostly we watch the couples on there but sometimes we do enjoy watching guys stroking on cam. Strangely it doesn’t have to be the particularly good looking people that are most enjoyable and erotic to watch. It also doesn’t have to be a guy who is hung like a donkey. There seems to be an odd chemistry which makes some people enjoyable and others not. How is that possible through a webcam? You can’t communicate properly with that person. You can’t hear their voice properly. Nor can you touch their skin, nor taste, nor smell them. These people are total strangers and will always remain so, yet, they still attract you. The only real stimulation is visual. That tends to suggest that the psychologists/anthropologists have not got the entire story when they talk of the need for pheromones etc in sexual attraction and stimulation doesn’t it? Similarly, we can be sexually attracted to people on here who display no naked pictures yet be unattracted to those who display both clothed and naked pictures. There is one couple whom I find incredibly attractive though I have, as yet, seen nothing but clothed pictures. They just look like the sort of people I would want to spend my time with and with whom I feel instantly at ease. I really do hope the talks we have had recently develop into a warm and good friendship. If one day more then wonderful if not c’est la vie, will have their friendship anyway, that works for me. Wonder if they know whom I mean lol.

I love making my wonderful labwa lie back and masturbate for me just so I can watch her. Sit back with a nice long drink and enjoy her making herself cum for me. Is a glorious sight. The pic on here is her doing just that for me and her hubby. She spread herself naked on a chair in front of us and simply opened and played with herself while we watched. Was a lovely gift from her to us. She also loves asking me to kneel across her stomach and just slowly stroke myself. She always tells me to slow down so she can watch more closely. Drives me crazy knowing she is simply enjoying watching me. Isn’t easy to keep a slow rhythm when she is running her nails along the inside of my thighs mind you lol. She goes nuts when I cum over her. Usually she forgets at that point and starts gibbering away in Arabic. I get about three words in ten, most of those filthy. She gets embarrassed when I ask her what she says. It turns her on to have the total freedom to use words she has been forbidden to use all her life. So watching me cum over her and using every filthy word she knows drives her wild. It also turns her on for me to use such words to her. What a wonderful thing to share with someone you love isn’t it?

Exhibitionism is also a drive that can be fulfilled through masturbation as we all know when there is a willing audience. Look on the AdultFriendFinder webcam site and you will see hundreds of people enjoying themselves as others watch. Not everybody even has an audience. Many guys have nobody watching at all but still they sit back and stroke their cocks and make themselves cum. It is the thought that others COULD be watching I think that makes it an enjoyable experience for them. Women and couples always seem to have a large audience especially when they are performing sex acts. Before anybody asks, yes I have tried this personally, twice. To be honest there was a small thrill but isn’t something I would say I got a lot of excitement from. The second time was more enjoyable as had a small audience who made comments. The audience was three (separate) gay guys who made all sorts of suggestions as I played with my cock. Was cool with me obviously (anybody who has read my blog before will know that lol). Will there be a third time? Have no idea, depends how randy I feel I guess lol.

Masturbating on cam though for a private audience of one or two when you know those people want you to be with them for real is a totally different feeling and experience I find. There is always a feeling of loss involved but you have given a very small part of your private self to that other person. It is as much an emotional act as a physical one and that makes all the difference to me. I am giving them a gift they enjoy. I am telling them unequivocally I like them and want to be with them. There is no hiding the sexual attraction. That I see is a special thing for friends to share.

So is masturbation a totally solitary exercise? Answer is yes but also no in my mind. It is of course most often an act of simple self gratification but it can also be a release for exhibitionist tendencies, e.g. the AdultFriendFinder webcams site. For me though it is particularly enjoyable when it is a sharing being two (or more) people who are deeply attracted and wish to share either directly or vicariously their emotions for each other. To the special friends I have, and hopefully will, share this with I thank you for a wonderful gift.

Till next time SET

julie4daddy34 45F
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2/21/2006 7:40 am

I personally cant get into cybersex. I've tried it but words on my screen do nothing for me. I've tried the whole cam to cam thing and here again, even though I could see the just didnt do anything for me. I prefer the hands on approach. While masterbation is release..for me its not satisfaction. As for sharing it..I've never done mutual masterbation. For me masterbation is a private time..lets call it.."Me time". While I masterbate frequently (its mine I'll play with it if I wanna) I really wish I had someone else doing it for me.

hubbyontheloose 60M  
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2/21/2006 11:17 pm

hey julie and sexy one thing that is GUARANTEED to make me like people is their willingness to disagree with me in a polite reasoned informed way. God how I loathe people with no opinions of their own! Just because I think something doesn't make it right - is simply MY opinion. You have reached your opinion not from prejudice but from experience that is cool and I respect that. Would have agreed with you until very recently - guess has something to do with the people I have been talking to. I just like them and want to be with them a LOT *S* Agree 100% with you julie that it is NO substitute for the real thing. Given where I am stuck though the vast majority of people I meet online are a LONG way away from me and opportunities for real time contacts with them are limited. The eternal AdultFriendFinder location trap <sigh>

Anyway, knowing now your feelings on this I promise not to show you my willy on webcam hahahahaha hehehehehe. Didn't expect me to stay serious for TOO long did ya?

sexy - welcome to my blog *S* Keep on challenging if you dont agree with me - say some nice things if you do though - don't kick me ALL the time hahaha.

hubbyontheloose 60M  
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2/23/2006 2:16 am

sexy - didnt mean you were kicking me over this far from it - was just a daft comment lol . Anyway I like being kicked - <kick me beat me bite me> - eeek calm down SERT you bloody pervert! <phew> that's better calmed down again now! I like people who have the confidence in themselves to point their point of view over even when they disagree with me - so keep doing so please! Glad I made you laugh

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