ladyboy fun mmm what a nice thought *S*  

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12/3/2005 6:24 am

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12/5/2006 5:40 am

ladyboy fun mmm what a nice thought *S*

eeek has been a while since I last wrote. been really busy! Been having LOTS of fun tho which is cool. Have been writing back and forth with a lovely couple in the US who are having LOTS of fun - really enjoying that and getting to know them well, pity so far away, sigh. Looking forward to the details of their fun evening tonight mmmm sounds like will be fun! I do enjoy writing back and forth with fun people. Is a lot of smiles. Tad frustrating tho at times hahaha still can share the stories and pics etc of the fun we have which can be very enjoyable.

Thinking of heading down to thailand in next couple of months and considering satisfying a long held letch of mine, to enjoy fully a nice ladyboy. To my mind there is something really delicious about so called "she males". Is a major turn on for me. Anybody who has read this blog before knows I am bisexual and very much enjoy oral and anal bi-play. The thought of sharing a "shemale" with Mrs is simply awesome mmmm. Sadly doubt SHE would see it that way hahaha. Would have also to break my "no hiring" rule but that is cool, will be VERY careful hahaha will wear cross plys and radials never mind a little thin condom! hahahaha. Would have to be a very feminine "girl" tho an obvious "guy" would shatter the whole thing. There are so many beautiful such "girls" in thailand and asia in general tho that feel there will be no worries finding one I would enjoy enormously. Would of course ensure "she" enjoys too! Just because somebody is working doesnt mean they shouldnt be given every consideration and respect should it? Hmmmm all these thoughts have definitely got me all horny this evening hahahaha. Will have to trawl thru my links collection for something appropriate to enjoy lol. sadly Mrs is not 100% and no play friends around tonight so guess is shut the eyes and have fun on my own hehehehehe. Ah well that's cool at least I know what I like and how I like it hahahaha. Am definitely in a porn watching mood. Will also go and watch the AdultFriendFinder webcams see some nice action on there live yum. Is nice coz is real people simply having fun. Love watching couples and ts/tg webs, delcious. All I will be getting tonight so will have to do lol.

Till next time SET

sohot295 40M

12/4/2006 9:46 pm

Interested in my first Shemale experience but don't know where to meet them. Need some help. Thanks i can travel to aberdeen pls any help am good looking 31 years hope i meet one xxxx

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