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8/31/2005 7:14 am

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eeek what a time this last couple of weeks has been! Had a blast! party party party wooohooo! Last weekend is a total blur. Got back from overseas trip last Thursday and straight to a party! Some how ended up wearing a bikini and nothing else hmmmm. Got home at 6 am in time to change clothes and go to golf club. back from golf after few beers (of course!) fell asleep for just over an hour on sofa then back up and out again for dinner. After dinner which finished at 10.30 was dragged kicking and screaming to a night club by two of the girls there (oh no please dont throw me in the briar patch Brer Fox!) Got home at 2 am totally exhausted - needless to say didnt surface until after midday lol. NEXT night another party which led to a game of truth or dare - somehow I ended up wearing nothing but a girl's frilly panties eeeek - why is it when i go out I end up basically naked except for women's clothing - bloody hell I must be a pervert! hahahaha Started off that evening in my kilt - funny thing every woman I know has just HAD to lift that up to see if is true hahahaha Must be why I wear it! lol

Just maybe another party tonight which could end up VERY interesting mmmmmm Definitely one tomorrow night - vanilla at first but then who knows after midnight when the norms have gone home yum yum yum .

Ye gods life is hard in the middle east. Tough in the Gulf hehehehe

ah well had better get work finished and get ready to go out.

Till next time (if I survive! lol) SET

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