it is raining!!!! wooohooo!!!!  

hubbyontheloose 60M  
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12/14/2005 5:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

it is raining!!!! wooohooo!!!!

Today is a GOOD day!!!!! It is raining for the first time in months! I know to our friends living in more temperate climes that my getting excited about a spot of rain must seem odd but hey I live in a desert country, rain IS exciting here! It also makes driving exciting. A few years back there were over 200 road accidents (fender benders the americans would call them) in the first half hour after it rained for the first time in ages. The surface of the road gets clogged with sand and oil from cars and trucks when it is dry and as soon as it rains that lot floats out onto the top of the tarmac, becomes a skid pan! Most cars here are death traps anyway and their brakes and tyres would never be permitted on British, European or US roads, here driving on slicks is the norm lol. None of the locals or asian expats have the first idea how to drive on slippery roads so they all drive too fast and too close to each other on tyres that are not fit so guess what happens? Not hard to visualise is it? hahahhaa Is like the dodgems at the fun fair when it rains. Think I will stay firmly indoors till things quieten down a tad! Mrs snt feeling 100% so may well forgo our usual Wednesday night out and invite friends over to the house instead. Never know where that might end up hehehehe. That is most likely wishful thinking on my part though, sigh. Still a spot of day dreaming never hurt anybody right?

When you are a married man looking to play with others is 100 times more difficult than simply being a single guy I think. I cant go out charging round bars like a single guy could. Isnt as though I live in a big city where I can blend in to the background. Here everybody knows everybody - is just a big village really. the bars etc frequented by expats are limited so we al go to the same places. Even if Mrs was happy for me to do that it would NOT be discreet. Isnt my style anyway. I have NO wish to embarass Mrs in any shape or form which my tomcatting around town would certainly do. We see enough married guys around here doing that, isnt very nice hearing the things people say abut them and their "poor wives" behind their backs. So I will limit myself to meeting friends thru the internet thru sites like this where Mrs knows whom i am talking too, she sees all the correspondence eventually, and remain being patient. I have been lucky enough to have met some wonderful people thru that medium (hmmm should that be media?) Wish some of those freidns could be a LOT closer physically than they are mind you hahaha. Is dreadfully frustrating meeting people online you like as people and (put bluntly) want sexually and have them located hundreds of miles away (in some cases thousands!). Even more frustrating when those pople feel exactly the same! grrrrh

Is just as frustrating meeting people closer to home you feel the same way about - they SAY they feel the same way but turns out they are simply playing online and not being honest. I am ALWAYS honest with people, always keep myself and them safe and treat them with respect but so often get treated badly. Why is that? Drives me nuts. have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of so called "couples" in this region are simply the guys in couples getting their jollies by pretending that they want to meet people for real. That pisses me off. If people dont want to meet others for real then say so dont play stupid games - am sure hundreds of people on here will agree with that comment! (get the feeling somebody pissed me off recently yet? lol) Ah well never mind, the good outweighs the bad over all so will keep on grinning and wont abandon this place just yet lol.

Ah a particularly gorgeous lady friend has just come online to chat so am off for now to enjoy her company - albeit just online.

Till next time SET

hotmama415 41F
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12/30/2005 2:27 am

Hi m'dear. I tried a testimonial but was thwarted by the powers that be at AdultFriendFinder. Unless I'm going about it the wrong way, I can't get to you to leave a testimonial (thanks guys. could at least let me see the profiles of people in MY OWN network).

"You've been a marvelous friend" is really all I can honestly say (is an ocean between here and there for pete's sake!). I've heard of your fun, read about it, seen pics, but unles one of us has really extraordianry hidden talents (and I don't. If you do, you've been holding out on me, babe) your fun is staying on that side and mine is staying on this. You've always been honest and open with me about.... about everything. There's a lot to be said for that. I highly respect honesty and integrity.

Ok, it isn't exactly "Seek out SET for fun. You won't regret it".... but I'm afraid it is the best I can do (that one was on the tacky side). And, if I were perfectly honest with m'self, I think I'm a bit too jealous to encourage others to experience that which I cannot.

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