infidelity - what does that mean?  

hubbyontheloose 60M  
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10/5/2005 8:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

infidelity - what does that mean?

I have been accused more than once or twice of infidelity to Mrs SET because of my antics with other people. To me infidelity means deception, lying and cheating - how can I be accused of that when EVERYTHING I do is known to her in advance? She knows whom I play with, when and to an extent how. I say to an extent as she really doesn't enjoy details of ANYBODY'S sexual antics never mind mine. Just does nothing for her and slightly embarasses her to be honest. So the accusation to me is a meaningless one. IF I was out screwing around all the time behind her back and having clandestine "affairs" that would indeed be infidelity and would be a slippery slope for our relationship. Just isnt the case though.

Have a wonderful couple who have been friends of ours for years coming here to stay at our house this weekend. I KNOW that the three of us will play together and am looking forward to that immensely (sadly the guy is not bi but that is cool). The girl is simply exquisite mmmm a true asian delight I adore playing with and exploring her. Will be a lot of fun. We are also inviting over a few other play friends to a small dinner party. No doubt that will lead to all sorts of fun and games. The thing is Mrs whilst acting as hostess for our friends and for the dinner party will not be participating in any sex games - I will be though. Again full openness sharing and trust between us.

We laid in bed last evening and watched videos I had collected from the web. Showed her the several MMF bi videos I had downloaded she liked those a lot too never know MAY when she gets going again introduce a bi-guy back into our games so we can all three enjoy ourselves fully. Also showed her the strap on videos - she liked those - made her wriggle - me too! hehehee Guess we will be toy shopping when we get out of Bahrain to somewhere we can buy some toys. These are games we used to play when she was well enough - look forward to their resumption.

No infidelity here in any of this is there? No lies no deceit not dishonesty. Anybody reading this will realise I do get pissed off at such accusations. Guess there are just so many lies told on this site people are tired of the bullshit. Can't say I blame them for that - I see it all the time as well from so called "couples" or "single women" in this part of the world - 99% crap.

Pleased to say though have found recently a couple of wonderful people I am enjoying enormously getting to know. Nothing sexual happened - yet - time will tell. As I said in my profile I dont hop into bed with strangers.

Have found a wonderful friend also over in the States - she is a total delight - now THERE is one person I would happily jump on a plane for - she will know who she is when she reads this - which she will lol. Better bloody comment too or she is in trouble <swish swish swish> lol. We sit and talk online and Mrs joins in - again NO deceit!

So if anybody thinks of accusing me of infidelity again I will direct to our setandmrs profile on this site, the testimonials therein and also to what i ahve written here. If they STILL then dont accept what is written they can kiss my arse and go to hell - they ain't worth knowing and spending my valuable time on anyway! lol

Till next time SET

rm_coktail4me 42F
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10/6/2005 10:46 am

I know what you mean.I totally agree with you. As long as my partner knows what I do and agree with it even if not participating with me in action why shall they call it infidelity.For me i really enjoy it when he do it with others. I love to have a three sum with him. but the only thing that I will hate and I dont agree to when he do it and lie to me or try to keep it as a secret away from me that what I will call infidelity . so enjoy it as long as she knows

The second thing that I agree about is the 99% crap the ppl here in this part of the world and their lies. I dont know why shall they do that ? HONESTY is the best way from my point of view. why shall they post lies ??!! Strange as someone will like their lies ?No one like to realize the true after a while and find you lieing and trust me it will happen one day so be honest.NO ONE WILL EAT YOU when you say the truth it is a site to be open minded.

I like your post so keep it going, good luck and say hi to Mrs SET

hubbyontheloose 60M  
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10/8/2005 1:25 am

Thank you *S* I appreciate your comments. Sad to see that like me you find the 99% crap comment to be true <sigh> Probably not just in this part of the world tho - think is fairly symptomatic of all such sites and people are just the same no matter where they come from or where they live. We ALL want to show ourselves in the best possible light - who sends somebody else the WORST picture of themselves? There is a difference though between putting yourself in a good light and out and out lying. Sadly is true that the vast majority simply lie. Ah well - is THEIR loss! After all they have missed out on meeting cool people like you and I !!!! hehehe Have fun and smiles lots. SET (ps message delivered to Mrs SET! *S*)

hotmama415 41F
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10/16/2005 9:08 pm

A delight? My blushes. I was reading the wrong blog... oops..
As I have said before, is your life..y'all are happy with it... forget the comments of small minded individuals.

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