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6/25/2005 2:30 am

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hot and sandy

damn it is windy! played golf yesterday and sand got into ever orifice. Bloody uncomfortable when the wind blows here. Is gorgeous tho looking out the back door over the sea and watching the waves hammer past in the bay. Not many fishermen out in last few days surprise surprise. Need to buy a rod and line so can fish from back porch. Mind you catching three headed fish that glow in the dark isnt gonna be much fun - god alone knows what is in that water yuk. The lovely Y and her hubby F have moved in now so friends nearby - will seem less like living on the Marie Celeste. Time seems to stand still at times here which is nice in some respects but drives you nuts in others. We like people and being with friends. Now Mrs has her leg in plaster will be a tough few weeks for her as she can only get out if I take her. Was going to go watch the Lions test this morning but stayed in with her - given the score at the moment as I write glad I did! Getting our arses kicked ....again! eeek. Yep all over and we got buggered again by the kiwis. At least they are not as insufferable as the Aussies when they win hehehe. Still no new sexy adventures to report <sigh> Hope though to see my "labwa" soon miss her like hell. May be able to meet her when visit North early next month. Will talk to her later today see if we can organise that. Hope so as long nights of kinky sex seem decidely delicious right now hehehe. Well long nights of kinky sex ALWAYS seems delicious to me. Anybody who has read my story of her fantasy knows how kinky that girl likes to be. Especially when she is with me. What a lucky man I am and I know it! will have to expand on that thought later as work beckons.

till later SET

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