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5/28/2005 9:46 am

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first gibberish

Have no idea for whom this is being written or really even why I am writing it - guess I am bored coz the wife is away and beats surfing porn - keeps my hands otherwise occupied! lol So I am just going to write for me. If anybody else reads this then welcome - feel free to comment on things I write. Challenge my thoughts, ideas, statements and ask questions or raise points for discussion, that is all really cool and I will enjoy the interaction. If you want to judge me or be rude in any way just pass on by. You don't know me or the person I am so frankly you have no right to be my judge. If you dont like what I write and what little you see of the real me in here then in the famous words "frankly my dear, I don't GIVE a damn".

They asked me to show the mood I was in when I started this so put "bored" - couldnt find the real word I was looking for - "gibbering". Wife has been away for just over a week now - back in the UK and I seem to have spent the last week in a drunken stupor - am now bored with that - boozing gets old real quick! I would HATE to be single again! Went to a bar yesterday and had a great time, Friday is the "day of rest" here in the Middle East. Went to watch a friend of mine sing at one of the bars in Manama. She is a Maori girl who has the most awesome voice you could imagine. She sings the blues like an angel and has the most incredible range it is possible to imagine in a voice. There were lots of really nice girls in the bar, many of whom I know and was not even tempted to "go for it". How sad is that? lol Spent the entire time when talking with them discussing my wife and family. Am I getting old or just getting wiser? hahaha Have always stuck to the old adage "never shit where you eat" - Bahrain is really only a small village. Total population is under 700,000 and less than 10% of those are expats like me. So everybody knows everybody - would be a tad obvious for me to run around bars trying to pick up girls, most of whom know us as a family anyway hahaha. Nah will stick to meeting people of like minds through sites like AdultFriendFinder - that way at least all remains discreet and appearances are maintained. Back to the single bit though. My single friends, male and female, all seem to be consumed with finding the "right" relationship - or simply finding the next decent shag (or even indecent one in one friend's case lol) - it is all just so much hard work! hahaha. Had one girl tell me that she thought it was a shame that I was "off limits" - was dying to say "far from it sweetheart!" but for once kept my big trap shut and thought with the big brain not the little one. As my profile here says, my wife allows me to "play" with other girls and couples BUT she would be seriously pissed off if I translated that into picking up girls she knows in bars in town! Dont think she would regard that as me being totally discreet hmmmm Shame I cant find any of them on this site tho - then i would be off the leash! yum yum yum hehehehehe

Two other things making me bored - being nearly 50 and being married but "looking" lol Most people apparently equate being in late 40s/early 50s as being half dead. Add to that being a married bloke and damn that is BOTH feet in the grave! <crumble crumble crumble>. Is the AdultFriendFinder equivalent of carrying a bell it seems at least. Let's see, people ask for "discretion, experience, honesty, trust, respect etc etc etc" - all adds up to a 22 year old single guy to me! hahaha ye gods does that sound like a winge? Yep it does! Hey is my blog so I'll winge if I like - typical man, winge when bored lol

Now I am bored with writing this as well so enough already! Till the next time.

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