face pics wanted from discreet people - duh?  

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8/20/2005 8:04 am

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face pics wanted from discreet people - duh?

One of the things that makes me laugh (sardonically) on this site is the things that some people write in their profiles.

I always look carefully at what people want and only write where the details match - that way at least I know I am not pushing in where I may not be welcome, right? Is amusing though that people do not cross check what they write with the options they choose in their listing of what they look for. The list at the top says they look for men etc etc - so ok that is a start for me there. THEN I read what they have written. "Single men you are not wanted" - ok I am married does that mean I am wanted or not? hmmm guess not eh? OK so why then put that men are looked for at the top? hmmmm Next thing "discretion must be absolute!" - agree with THAT 100% personally. THEN they go on to write - single guys must send face pics! You what???? Exactly how does sending face pics out on a sex site constitute discretion? The thing that amuses the hell out of me is that those requests come from people who mostly have NO pics of themselves either on their profile or on their network. Let me see here. I have to send a face pic of me to people who want me to be discreet and dont want to share ANYTHING of themselves in return - hmmm does that sound like a good deal to anybody else? For all I know this could be the bloody police that is writing the profile - that is ALWAYS a risk in this part of the world. Every note written or contact made is a definite risk which is why discretion IS a must! Swinging/adultery is illegal in the Middle east not just a social taboo. Draconian measures can (and are) used against people here for such things.

So what does the request for face pics tell me? The people demanding such are either the thought police or dumb. Either way why would I want the first thing to do with them? The other thing it tells me even if they are neither of the above (though being unable to correlate details on your own profile shows the latter is probably true anyway) it shows me they have NO respect for anybody else and simply are looking for animated sex machines. There is NO regard for the person on the other end - no thought of their safety or happiness. Simply there is a desire to get what they want and to hell with anybody else. A single guy obviously is not a person he is just a dildo with arms and legs. His feelings or need for safety need not be taken into account. He is no more than a performing seal. Throw him a fish (yes I DO know the connotations of that lol) occasionally and when done boot him out - million more where he comes from. That is just SO arrogant that it is untrue. Sadly that is the attitude that is prevalent on sites such as this. It is of course compounded by the actions and stupidity of many of the single guys that do send out idiotic messages and pics of themselves. Guess I am the one that is out of step - I expect mutual respect where others simply expect to get fucked hahaha.

Message to couples asking for face pics - people who send them are NOT discreet! Use your intelligence! <sigh>

ok rant and rave over I am off to watch the football. The real match is tomorrow when we face the red and white shite of North London but footie is always worth watching *S*. Come on you blues!!!!!

till next time SET

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