eeek has been ages since last post  

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10/18/2005 4:47 pm

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eeek has been ages since last post

wow where has last couple of weeks gone? Been busy doing nothing - working the whole day through - trying to find lots of things not to do- been busy going nowhere- isn't it just a crime- I'd like to be unhappy BUT - I never do have the time! hahaha Been YEARS since I thought of that song let alone heard it sung. I used to sing that to my kids when they were young. For the younger generation - was sung by an old actor (dead now) Danny Kaye - cant remember the movie tho hmmm anybody help there? And before anybody points it out - it is paraphrased I know - had to put the first part in the past tense as didn't fit otherwise - poetic licence!. lol

Last couple of weeks the song is very apt - business is slow (grrrh swish swish swish) so been playing golf (surprise!) and - playing golf and.....playing golf hmmmm seeing a pattern emerge here? EEK SET is bored! aaarrgh need to find some play friends and cheer myself up. Thin on the ground in this part of the world sadly <sigh> hahahaha

Off to UAE tomorrow (Wed) eeek is 2.45 am so today! Anybody guess what for? Really tough to guess huh? hahaha golf golf golf lol Christ I need to get a life! lol

Ah well will definitely have some laughs down there with my friends anyway - never know might get lucky! hahhaa (yeah right!)

Am off to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzz

till next time (wont be as long!) SET

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