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8/17/2005 4:50 am

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cleaning pc

waaah ! the pc doctor is coming this afternoon to wipe my machine and relaod all the software - christ i have collected a million things I dont want to lose and having to sort out what needs to be kept is a pain in the bum! Also having to clean out all the accumulated porn and pics from the cache memory just in case that lot gets seen. EEK that would be a disaster! Would be interesting to see the pc man's reaction if he suddenly came across a pic of my knob end or wife's puss on here hawhawhaw. that would make his day! Well the latter anyway - dont think my old boy would do much for him - you never know tho I get a huge amount of mail from guys so guess have still got it in some respects hahaha. Makes me laugh when I see women complain about the mail they get - guys writing and sending pics of their cocks and balls. I get at least ten a day of those! Personally I enjoy them. Of course I dont find many that attractive - grief most think the same of me in return - but is always enjoyable to share with people. Some are downright delicious hehehehe. Keep sending those pics guys I for one appreciate you sharing you with me *S* Same goes for the girls and couples of course but funny enough dont get so many of those! hawhaw

Speaking of pics saw some of the pics from the fun and games the other evening WOW the girls were as awesome on camera as they were real time. Delightful delicious memories mmmmmm Who's a lucky boy then ? <big smug grin>

Out to dinner tonight - strictly vanilla sadly lol - will be fun. Tomorrow though definite possibilities of fun and games after dinner - we will see. Hope so as has been a long time cumming with these people. back to our place after dinner and Mrs will go off to bed and hopefully fun time!!!! As they say in this part of the world "insh'allah".

Ah well had better get off here and really clean this machine. may have to wait a while for reports of any games - use imagination instead!!!! Ok am off.

Till next time SET

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