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6/1/2005 1:25 am

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ah what a wedding! The 'best man was also maid of honour - well one of the best men anyway - there were 6! All dressed in gold and silver. Was - well bizzare is the only word i can think of. At the same time was a great deal of fun. The grroms two bulldogs were running around the place they both breathed in the loudest way possible - when the speeches were going on it sounded like a couple shaggiung in the background. That brought huge laughter from everybody. The drinking started at 3pm and I bailed out around 8 totally rat-arsed - knew if I didnt get home then was not going to be making it. Woke up next morning to a trail of destruction fromn front door - which was unlocked to the bedroom. Clothes littered the hall - obviously made it thru the door and started stripping as i went then collapsed on the bed - I am getting too old for this shit hahaha So is a BBQ tonight and then a BBQ at my house tomorrow night hmmmmm guess I will have to keep on going for another few nights hehehehe. Never did get my evil paws on the girl that wanted to look up my kilt. Her sister never left her side the entire time <sigh> Ah well some other time maybe - never say die!

best go and get all my housework done and get off this machine. Till next time

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