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7/16/2005 4:12 pm

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wrote a wee while ago that I had started communicating with someone who had more to say than let's f***. Well I was right I "started communicating" thats as far as that got <sigh>. C'est la vie. On second thoughts, fuck c'est la vie! Why do people say they want to talk and get to know people then when you do try and talk and make a real and genuine attempt to get to know a person they back off? Is it that they really mean they want to APPEAR as though they are not just simply interested in fucking? So maybe I should abandon the attempt to be grown up and write "come over and let's fuck baby" - on third thoughts - nah. Isn't me. As I have said before why the hell would I want to get intimate with someone who has nothing more to offer than a body? Have NO interest becoming intimate with people whom I wouldn't spend time with enjoying good conversation with over dinner. Or is it that I am just getting older and have forgotten that sometimes gonads should overide brains? Maybe that is it. On fourth thoughts, bollocks! People shouldn't say they want to get to know people well then ignore the attempt to do so.

On fifth thoughts, I really don;t care. have a belly full of good food, good wine and VERY good Scotch whisky mmmmmmm (sadly my own - best whisky for a Scotsman is FREE whisky!). Spent a good night with good friends watching the Open on tv. Fat Monty (silly fat bastard I have money on him!) couldn't catch Tigger up. That fat git will MEVER win a major! (please please please make me eat my words tomorrow Monty!) Is now 2 am nearly and am online - how sad is that? Is what comes from having an ill wife and hanging out on an island where everybody knows everybody lol. Damn cant even go out and pick up at a bar - all the girls know me AND the wife. Shit! This is NOT the place to become a philanderer (is that a word? hmmmm)

GOOD thought though. An old buddy of mine from - from the days I used to hang out in the Gallery and be the scourge of trolls and twerps - oh and used to post lots of bondage links as well hehehehe. Hey! I LIKE bondage pics! Got an issue with that? grrrrrh. lol Oooops I digress (as usual) an online friend from australia was in Dubai so he was told get your arse up to Bahrain - so he did! wooohooo Inharmony and SEThistle together at last. An Aussie Dom and a Scottish pervert meet at last! What a cool guy he is *S* Funny how people are not how you imagine them to be when you talk online isnt it? They are ALWAYS totally different. Inharmony is a cool dude though - despite the fact he is English! Hey! Nobody is perfect right?

haw hawhawhaw

Hmmmm is well after 2 so I am off to bed as have to do some work in the morning!

till next time SET

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