ah the joys of Bahrain  

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6/20/2005 5:12 am

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ah the joys of Bahrain

have come to the conclusion that life in Bahrain is ....bizarre. Only word I can think of to sum up this loony bin. It gets crazier and crazier. Back a few days and already life is upside down in good ways and bad ways. First the bad. Go shopping in Manama yesterday (for the uninitiated that is the Capital) wife goes to one bank I to the other. I get finished first and go to New York Cafe to chill out make a few phone calls (hey we all live on our mobile phones here!) and wait for her. the phone rings - is the wife. Well no it wasnt. was a stranger, a man, using her phone hmmm. He tells me that I need to get to Manama quickly as my wife has just been run over by a car! eeek! I run along the road to find her sitting by the side of the road in the middle of a big crowd. She was on a pedestrian crossing, the "little man" had turned green, she followed several people who had already started to cross and a pick up truck camne straight through the red light! She tries to jump back but gets clipped by the truck on the arm and he runs over her foot. Police come along but are only interested in moving traffic along, no ambulance shows up. So I get wife into my car (which isnt easy as it is a sports car) and get her to the main general hospital (Salmaniya) where they find she has a fractured foot and bad bruising. There we find traffic police who only then take statements. That is in between them trying to control a mini riot that is going on as dozens of people are brought in with various trauma wounds and contusions caused by the police breaking up a demonstration in another part of town - the place was a zoo! One guy was running around covered in blood screaming "death to the royal family!" Wonder why he was covered in blood huh? Eventually wife gets put in plaster and we get out of there. Wonderful way to spend a day! <sigh> She will be ok in time but is NOT what she needed given the other health issues the poor girl has been through recently grrrrrh wanted to smash the guy's face in that hit her but contented myself with giving his throat a quick throttle before the crowd intervened - probably just as well as I would have been in trouble with the cops then too.

The good news? Well two bits really. Our wonderful and sexy friends FandY (fandy2003 on AdultFriendFinder) have finally become our neighbours! They have moved in almost next to us so we will see them a lot more now - perfect! They are gorgeous people and we love them dearly. The second good piece of news - have started communicating with someone on here whom I feel could be one of the most interesting people I have written with in ages (eeeek absolutely no disrespect to anybody else meant there). Hope at least it leads to good friendship. This person has more to say than just "let's f***" - makes a wonderful change. Am not into the "wham bam thank you ma'am" or "one night stand" things - need to actually LIKE the person I am with. Odd concept thatnhuh? Never understand why people would have sex with someone they wouldnt want to spend an evening with having good conversation over a nice dinner. Or simply sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences in a mature, non-crude way.

yeeek! my poor little cripple is calling so better go and get her a cup of tea (how frightfully British what?). Till the next time. SET

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