a good night out  

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7/19/2005 3:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

a good night out

A good night of golf with good buddies - a few beers at the club then on to a club where one of my closest friends was having his leaving "do". He is leaving the Island for good tomorrow boohooohooo. This place drives you nuts. Get to know people SO well and then they leave and go off else where. About every 3 years it is the same. Means though that virtually anywhere we go in the wrold we have people we can go visit and stay with. That is cool. Just sucks that we dont get to see the people we really like as often as we should. Ah well is all part of expat life - price we pay for a tax free existence I guess lol.

Tried calling our friends on the compound but was ignored so guess they were busy hehehe Good luck to them hope they were having some "fun" look forward to hearing about that lol. Not the details of who they were with as they are far too discreet for that, will just get the naughty bits hehehehe. Still, damn shame didnt get invited hahahaha.

Couple of drinks methinks then off to bed and drem of my arab girl - HAVE to go and see her VERY soon! Miss her like hell. Isnt easy getting into Syria now though. Wish could get them out to somewhere clser by so could go spend time with them properly. One day will write the story of our first meeting that would be fun to do methinks. A project for this week so watch this space.

Anyway the bar beckons so am off. Till later SET

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