Today is a GOOD day!  

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9/11/2005 12:10 am

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Today is a GOOD day!

Just three more days till I get my life back - Mrs SET gets back home to Bahrain on Wednesday wooohoo! God how I have missed that girl! How cool is it that you live with the same person for 28 years and when she goes away it still seems as though the light has gone out of your life? I have missed her every single second she has been gone and am quite literally counting the seconds till she returns. Several people have asked me - how if you love her so much and claim that she is your life can you mess around with other people sexually the way that you do? Is quite simple really - well to me and her anyway. Sex with close friends is simply a celebration of life, a wonderful sharing of experience with people I like spending time with. It is NOT love in the sense of how I love my wife (no it wasnt a misspelling in the first sentence). I dont indulge in casual sex or one night stands or clandestine love affairs or run around with prostitutes. I have no need to as Mrs is 100% aware of whom I am seeing and "playing" with and she is happy. With that love and support, I can simply share enjoyable happy experiences with friends. To Mrs and I sex isn't something we DO to somebody else it is something we share. With each other we are two halves of a whole (no bad puns please!) It is putting together two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that apart mean nothing but together make a wonderful picture. Total trust, love and a deep friendship means that we are able to share happiness and experience with others without any feeling of jealousy or concern about the commitment of one to the other. We are even able to share real emotional love with others, she with her "toyboy" and me with my "labwa", without that affecting negatively in any way our own love and relationship. I am well aware that this is not something that many others have in their lives and that makes it incomprehensible to some. To those that are threatened by that and try and condemn us I send my pity and a wish that maybe one day they too will find the happiness Mrs and I share. To those that may laugh at this and say "what maudlin rubbish" I simply send my pity and a little bit of contempt. To those though that wish us well and say "isnt that great!" I send my smile best wishes and hope.

I have twice walked with this woman to the very doors of death and together we have walked back smiling. Every moment she lives and spends with me and loving me is a wonderful gift. Any wonder that I resent each second she is away from me? She is coming home, she is alive, getting well again and is bringing back with her everything that is important and worthwhile in my life.

Today is a GOOD day! Tomorrow and the day after will be even better. Wednesday will be perfect.

Hope those who read this will share a smile with me *S*

Till next time SET

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