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2/13/2006 6:46 pm

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That mesmerizing look into your eyes,
Goosebump tingles that I feel,
The shiver down deep, deep inside,
My breath you seem to steal...

Always new; its never the same,
Your passion suprises me still,
The abandon I feel, intense desires,
All the urges that you fulfill.

Do you think I'm really like this,
Naughty beyond my compare?
Naked and craving, so overwhelmed,
Lust catches me unawares!

You're not intending to be cruel,
Touches and whispers in my ear,
but don't you know, I melt inside,
The sweet tease of you so near.

I need you close; no, deep inside,
Your sweet eyes still locked with mine,
I crave your touch, your very scent,
The joy I always find.

But not just lust -- a little peek,
within a secret heart's desire,
I always want a moment more,
The warmth within your fire.

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