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2/22/2006 8:03 pm

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Surrender my deepest desires
Inside in a warm cocoon,
Close my eyes and free my mind always ends too soon.

Soft lips I love to taste,
Mouth -- ohhh so sweet,
Our tongues touching, all within
a gentle aching heat...

That builds and builds again,
Unrestrained the need for more
My body throbs, sweet gasps convey
Surrender I'm desperate for

Kiss me soft, hold me tight
Your mouth is everywhere,
Fingers bring such untold joys
Just touch me, touch me.... there

Surrendering, or desire,
or Lust -- whatever its name,
Loving these times together
Our secret little games.

Making me wait, oh so wet,
Every inch of me sings,
Aching to feel you deep inside
Desire's demand it brings.

My arched body begs your touch,
Mouth craves to taste your skin
Hands everywhere all at once,
Its a game I'll never win.

Loosing has never been so fun,
You always make me plead,
But know you this, I'll get my turn
Its YOU who must concede!

Layers of feelings, so much unsaid,
The surrender that we share,
Who's in charge, and who's on top
Who ever really cares?!

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