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9/2/2006 9:51 am

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They finally fixed the code on this page, I can finally do something again... whooo hooo!
Now, what the hell do I say?! lol

How about another poem...


Teasing with your touch,
warm breath along my ear...
Telling me of your urgent need
the intensity I can hear...

Touching me with your gaze,
Caresses, light and loving,
feathered slowly down my length
so much more I'm wanting...

Damn those brown eyes of yours
knowing I'll soon get mine,
warm fingers skim all over me,
male dominance oh so fine...

Eyes closed at the need of it
but snap open at the hints
of wet tongue and sweet lips
hours are bare minutes...

Waiting for your barest touch
craving the slightest nuance
starving for more; I beg you then
My erotic urge and wants.

Make me plead for your need
your stong arms wrapped around,
I want you throbbing deep inside
Elisium I have found.

To hear your sighs and gasps;
feel you restrain your needs,
makes me want to tease you more,
its a game you'll soon conceed

Then you whisper naughty hints,
Of the things you'd like to do,
even better when I whisper back
the fun it would be with you!

Escape within our secret needs
Lets see how well we trust
just feel how intense it gets,
the emotions within our lust.

Love what you do to me...
your sweet taste and my desire
can never get enough of you
and passion's hungry fire.

ZZ_Todd 59M

9/2/2006 10:15 am

Very nice! Really, VERY NICE indeed!

campingnuts 50M/49F

9/3/2006 10:21 am

hey,,,,That's Good...
fire and ice, so nice......cant wait till the sunsets...when the the fire glows the dark....i feel the animal instincts....i want say....what it is....
is it lust? it love?..........does it matter?......were both together.....
fire and sweet nice... the sunrise is upon us......where has the time gone?
its like we just kissed....the fire is gone....
we bask in our own glow.....of lust...or was it love?
does it matter?....were both together.....were both together!


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