Life of a Christian  

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11/5/2005 3:13 am

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Life of a Christian

Well.. I've been told that Jesus sees me wherever I am, and whatever I do. It's a thing for disciplining myself, I guess.. but really, I imagine God to be this really loving Heavenly Father that loves us so very much, and that's true, given every American's first memorized verse John 3:16. I won't bore you and quote that.

Well.. something struck me a while ago, does God see me when I'm taking a crap, a shower, or having sex? I mean.. what'd He say if I were to have sex?

At this point, I have a funny image of God watching many happy and unhappy couples just doing what they do. Like wow.. He can see everything and be everywhere at once right? Would that be some cool porn movie.. lol, to play God for one day and see all the good sex in the world. And to extend this idea further, the Holy Spirit is inside us all.. so says the Bible, so He's sharing every single sexual experience that we have.. like wow.. that's gotta some great continuous orgasm for Him, as there's always someone in this world having an orgasm at any second of the day. LOL, but then that's besides the point that I'm going to share today.

In the Old Testament, God told many of his faithful followers (especially the first few) to go and make merry and spread and cover the face of the earth. Like wow.. I can imagine it now, God saying to Abraham.. Go make love to your wife, and do it enough to fill the earth.. man, that'd be like what? at least once every 2 hours.. ouchie.. Abraham's gotta have some endurance.. lol. I know that after 5-6 times, I'm kinda dried up for the day. But of course, I think He actually means gradually.. through all your children and stuff, as long as your genes is somewhere and gets passed down the generations. Crap, I left the point again.

Basically.. Sex is not wrong in God's eyes, good sex is not wrong.. (but im sorry to say, homosexuality is pretty bad.. quite understandable though, if all the guys and all the girls go down that way, who's gonna further his creation of Man and fill the earth? lol. And, you'd agree that He didn't make the anus purely for sex), nor is oral sex, if you look at the Songs of Songs (or Songs of Solomon), it refers to the penis as apples and raisins, and again and again they refer to the sweetness of one's breath that smells of fresh apples.. I dunno if I interpreted it wrong, but nowhere in the Bible does it condemn oral sex. From much of the Old Testament, you can see that God really just want us to *enjoy* all our abilities and just enjoy life as it is. Which, of course, can include a lot of sex. So Sex is Okay. (Of course it is!)

If you made something, you'd like it to do everything that you designed it to do well, and maybe build off on that, likewise with God.

As for sleeping around.. well.. the Bible does say something about responsibility.. My take is that, as long as you don't leave your partner feeling deprived, and agree on it, being personally responsible, and socially responsible, and lovingly responsible, you're pretty fine. After all, God's all about Love. As for commitments, well.. that's exactly what dating and being with different people is all about, that's like God's way for us to find out what's really right for us.

But remember.. be loving, and be responsible.

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