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9/13/2005 11:53 pm

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First encounter

I want her to dress in some sexy, slinky lingerie, like a black bustier with no panties and a garter belt with thigh-high stockings and very sexy high heels. I'll handcuff/tie her hands to the head board of the bed. Only she'll be face down. That way she can't see what I'm doing very easily. Then I'll tie her legs down, spread toward the corners of the bed. I will start at her neck, laying my body on her back, I will kiss and nibble at her neck and ears. As she begins to become aroused, I will move slowly down to the small of her back. There I will lick and kiss so gently that she's not sure if it tickles or makes her inner thighs vibrate with exilleration. Then I will massage and kiss her ass. Also running my hands down between her legs to get a sampling of her pussy juices that are now flowing from between her swolen lips. I will then move past her ass and down the back of her legs. I will work my way down to her feet and will kiss, lick, and suck on her toes, just until she begs me to fuck her right then and there. I will still hold off, though. Moving my way back up her legs and planting my face between her thighs, flicking my tongue on her pussy. Lapping up her sweet, pungent juices. As I lick more and more I will slip one finger, then two, inside her. Moving slowly, in and out, all the while still eating her out. Then she'll feel something else. Something new. What is that? Is it his finger? No, it's my tongue. This time, it's rimming her asshole. And sometimes it feels like it's trying to enter her there too. Next, while still finger fucking her pussy, I will stick a finger into her anus. She will gasp for breath as waves of pleasure rush through her entire body. Enough of this, now. I then pick myself up and move back to kissing her around the back of her neck, only this time, as I lean forward to kiss her, I enter her now throbbing pussy with my fully engorged cock. As we screw, I get up on my knees and pull her into more of a position where her ass is facing right up in the air. I stick my cock back into her and she moans with delight. Just when she's about to cum, and I feel her body going into convulsions, I send her over the top by sticking my finger right in her ass. I move it in and out in rhythm with my cock pounding away at her exhausted pussy. She cums like she's never cum before. I free her from her restaints and we both collapse onto one another. Gotta rest up for the next round. . . to be continued.

Sophieann2 51F

10/1/2006 3:19 pm when do we begin??

hrnynhtwn 43M

10/1/2006 7:26 pm

Soon, lovely lady. Soon.

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