Two Please....  

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6/7/2006 5:13 am

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Two Please....

Since you so much like to see me sucking... here's one I know you will enjoy...I have always had this fantasy of fucking my husband while performing oral on another guy. I finally said I would give it a try. For the next couple of days I found myself thinking about this fantasy a lot. I got so wet one day that I went into the bathroom and started to masturbate. I was so turned on about the idea of my husband watching me suck another guy's cock. I finally got up the courage to talk to him about this. When I asked him what he thought, he was hesitant at first. I told him if he fulfilled this fantasy of mine I would return the same favor for him. That seemed to persuade him a bit but he said he had to think about it. The longer he thought about it the more I had fantasies. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I did not want him to do anything that he didn't feel comfortable with, so I didn't bring it up to him. I wanted him to come to me when he was ready. About 1 month had gone by, and he hadn't said anything to me. I did not think much about it when he called me one day and said that his friend from work was coming over for dinner. I had wanted to meet his friend for some time. Supposedly he has women throwing themselves at him every time they go to the bar together. He told me to wear something nice and short. I simply laughed and thought he
was joking. I did happen to wear a nice tight black skirt. When I heard the door open, I walked into the front hall. I looked up at my husband and he had this sexy smirk on his face. My attention then turned to his friend. I watched him take off his coat. His body looked tight under his clothes.
My husband smiled at me and gave me a nice little squeeze. I could tell by the look in his eye that he was up to something. I started to get turned on. I excused myself to the bathroom. I couldn't help but think of the conversation that we had one month earlier. I just had to wait and see. It started out rather slowly. We drank a couple of bottles of wine, and everyone started to relax a little bit, but there was still tension in the air. His friend excused himself to the washroom. As soon as he left the
room my husband was all over me. Kissing me and rubbing his hand up and down my thighs. I felt the sudden hardness in his pants. I started to move my hand down to his throbbing cock, but he pushed it away. I heard the door open, and Mark had come back from the bathroom. I went to sit up and straighten my skirt, but my husband simply pulled me closer and started pulling my skirt up to give him a better view. He slipped his fingers around the edge of my thong. I was pushing my hips towards him. I grabbed his hand and guided him inside me. I turned my head and saw Mark watching my husband fuck me with his fingers. Then he started to walk toward me, stopping only inches from my face. His hand came down and grabbed mine.
Slowly he moved it toward his cock. I started to rub it, feeling it grow under my touch. I could not wait any longer; I unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. It was an average size, but rather nice looking and with no piercing. Stroking him softly, I felt him press to gain entry into my mouth... looking up at him, I opened my mouth and flicked my tongue over his opening, teasing him before I allowed him to fuck my mouth.
As I felt my husband's tongue licking slowly along the inside of my leg, I put his cock in my mouth. Parting my lips with his velvety soft cock head... Shivers ran through me. I started moving slowly along his shaft, causing him to push harder to get deep into my throat. He filled my mouth completely, placing a hand on either side of my head and groaning with pleasure. I licked the tip of his cock and then down both sides, making sure I hit all the right spots. Just then I felt my husband thrust his tongue and fingers inside me simultaneously. Working them in and out of my dripping pussy... Oh I wanted fucked at both ends. I almost came on his tongue and fingers when he stopped and rose to his feet... his friend, unable to stand any longer...sat on the edge of the coffee table allowing his very full and heavy balls to dangle for my viewing and licking pleasure. I continued to suck his hard and throbbing cock without interruption... I could taste his precum coating my tongue and knew it wouldn't be long and he would coat the back of my throat with his hot cum
so I slowed my pace. I wanted hot cum in both my mouth and my pussy at the same time if possible... I am bending deep and exposing my entire pussy area... my clit and lips are very swollen and protruding and begging for attention. My husband spread my legs further with his foot on the inside of my spread by sliding each foot further apart.. That smooth and careful motion almost made me cum... the thought of his cock penetrating me... careful not to disturb my intense sucking session, he took his cock in hand and began to rub his precum covered cock up and down my hot pussy... moving it from one hole to the if to decide which to enter first.
Pressing just the head into my ass and tickling my clit with his fingers first. I started sucking the cock in my mouth harder and stroking it faster... I was about to cum and I wanted a three-way cumfest... My husband pulled out of my ass and plunged his hard cock into my dripping wet pussy... and began to fuck me hard and deep... Moaning on the cock in my mouth, I rocked back into him taking his cock as deep as I could. It's going to happen... We are all three going to cum together...!! YES!!
Pounding my pussy and slapping my ass...he groans that he's about to cum...
I quickened my pace on the cock in my mouth, gripping the balls now very taught and firm for a slow massage... I'm right there....and so are they...
My husband and his friend cum together and hard... hot cum shooting deep inside both my mouth and my pussy... which brought me to the hardest orgasm I've ever experienced... Just writing this I have creamed my panties... I definitely want round two, three, four,......

InsideOut58 58M

6/7/2006 8:32 am

WOW! What man can read this and not come to full attention, feel the heat, the steam, the raw power of your sex that can orchestrate simultaneous orgasms... Lucky husband, lucky friend, lucky readers who enjoy this report. Thank you!!!

rm_panshv 54M
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6/8/2006 4:41 pm

wow what a talent you have love the detail and must ad mit i was fantasing i was the lucky man in your much so that i came with the 3 of you what a sexy and creative lady.thanks for sharing a great story take care and enjoy life

waywardboy4u 61M  
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6/12/2006 6:21 pm

It just keeps Getting Better & better Sexy Lady I love your intense Discription As Always you've got me rock hard & ready For a sweet hot dripping Pussy to fuck Mmmmmm Thank you again.. T

rm_woodman_157 59M

7/21/2006 7:12 am

Dammit woman do you know what I like?Got to be one of your hottest stories yet.Keep'em cuming ....LOL Wood

YodelDealsSewed replies on 7/22/2006 9:11 am:
Cuz I know you... giggles... well... at least I think I know. All men think pretty much the same way...noti noti noti.

__ART__ 34M
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9/11/2009 8:06 am

tu as vraiment un grand talent pour raconter les histoires

furious904 44M  
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9/12/2009 4:19 pm

You know, I've been reading a lot of the blogs on this site for the last several days. You, BY FAR, write the best erotica!!! My cock is still throbbing from this one. Gonna have to go take care of this. You should write books. You'd make a killing.

GonzosDoctor 56M

5/4/2011 3:55 am

I have been admiring you for years when you lived in Arizona. I have had a hopeless crush on you since the forst time I saw your pictures. I never knew what a talented writer you are until today. Being a standard member, I couldn't view your profile until I recently saw the link to your blog. I was giddy as a kid on Christmas morning in my anticipation to finally say what I have been thinking all these years. You are without a doubt the sexiest woman on AdultFriendFinder and if you think that is just "lip service" go view my profile where I pay homage to your absolute sexiness in the first few lines of my profile - many hugs and kisses and peace to you and your lucky husband (he is my hero by the way lol) It would make me so very happy if you could let me know you saw what I wrote...

Much love


Gonzo's Doctor

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