Seduction II  

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Seduction II

His hand began to explore her sweet softness as his mouth reached the slight rise below her belly. It was so smooth and smelt so fresh and exciting he wanted to plunge into her and lose himself forever. His tongue flicked out, bathing her at just the point where her flesh began to separate into two, those sweetest folds which still hid her clitoris from his view.

His tongue delved further down, burying itself deeper within and finally reaching the hardness he sought. Her whole body swept upwards like a tightened bow as, in one movement, his mouth covered her hardened nub and his thumb, now replacing the finger, smoothed its way, through the moist heat, and into her depths.
"Aaaaah!" she cried, releasing a breath she had been holding for she knew not how long.
"My God!, please don't stop!" She gasped, a look of ecstasy on her face, "I can't stop myself - I'm cumming!" She shuddered deeply as her first orgasm stretched her out beneath him, desperate to give more of what he was doing to her heart and mind he continued without interruption.

As she shook with these sensations, she now felt his finger press tentatively at her rear opening. By this time her juices were flowing prolifically and, mixed with his saliva, had washed down over the small flexing little nub, lubricating it; preparing it for his second invasion. His thumb still moved gently back and forth but suddenly he pushed the finger through, bringing with it the sopping juices; painting the walls of her back passage with slickness, sliding effortlessly in and out, matching the movement of his first entry within her grasping body.

She was awash with new sensations. Her clitoris, her vagina and her ass were filled to overloading with so many new and untried feelings. His finger had found itself where she had never been touched before and her immediate reaction was to tighten and reject the impudent hand but somehow, the touch of his soft lips and teeth on her clitoris and the constant persistence of his exploring thumb loosened and relaxed her there to the point where, far from rejecting his actions, she wanted to be further filled, stuffed full of as much of him as she could suck in.

Another orgasm was building and hit her body just as he penetrated further than he had so far within both openings. She could feel his finger and thumb touching each other through the wall inside her and sensed the remainder of his hand and fingers lining the crack of her body from its front to its back as if they were made to lie there forever. He paused, releasing her and drew himself up along her body until, for the first time since she had untied her dress, he placed his lips on hers. She tasted her own sweet juices from his mouth made sweeter with the mix.

"I worship and adore you, my darling." he whispered. "I want so much to give you pleasure. I want to do everything and anything that you've ever thought of; anything of those things that might give you that sensual rush that we've both talked of and written about over time.
Fantasizing, wondering, curious with our mental exploration, turning it into reality.

She smiled in answer and wordlessly slid out from beneath him, pushing his shoulder away, turning him on his back. She followed him over, keeping her face close to his.

"These should have come off a long time ago." she smiled, undoing his belt buckle and drawing down the zip. She was in no rush to remove his remaining clothes now. The day was hers to do with as she wished. She glanced down and saw that, now the belt had been released, the waist band of his trousers left space around his torso.

She looked back at him lying there. She had a small part of her lower lip held gently between her teeth. Still a little unsure, he thought as he notice the subconscious mannerism. He smiled. She touched his chest, running her fingers lightly over the pectorals and trailing down the side of his rib cage. Flattening her hand, she smoothed it across his stomach, loving the firmness beneath the flesh.

Her hand slowed as it reached his waist. She was still watching his face intently waiting to see that everything was all right. She felt the roughness of material passing over the back of her hand as she slid it slowly, daringly down to where she wanted to be. The smile remained on his face, relaxed, loving her, willing her to be at ease. Loving her more because of the way she was.

"It's all right, my darling." he said, reaching out and smoothing her hair back from her forehead, "Here, now, no matter what you do, you can do nothing wrong in my eyes. You and I exist. There is nothing else."

Her hand passed under the tighter waist of his shorts feeling the first hint of the curls beneath and her fingers finally wrapped around him, feeling him for the first time; exploring, touching, sensing, drinking in as much about him as she was able. She bent her head and kissed his lips, darting her tongue into his mouth, teasing him as she retreated, touching her lips to his chest before sitting up.

Now she was naked except for the thin summer dress held to her by the sleeves alone. She knelt close beside his hips and, with a look of concentration born more from shyness than anything else; she gently tugged the rest of his clothes from his body.

Saying nothing and holding his gaze she grasped his already stiff cock and dipped her head over it. He felt the silky softness of her hair hit his stomach, causing him to start throbbing in anticipation of what was to come.

She dipped her hand between her slightly parted legs, where she could feel her moisture building still, and ran her palm through the trough of her sex; spilling her juice into its natural cup. Taking this, she delicately cradled the hardening length, oiling it with her own essence; milking herself to feed it. She made a dome of her hand, fitting it over the head of his cock and softly rubbed the sticky juices into him, squeezing the underside of it with the soft ball of her thumb and ringing it under the head's flange, pulling his member upwards until it slipped through the tightening ring. Then down again, over the head, keeping her thumb and forefinger tight, forcing the head through the aperture formed by her hand and the tunnel of her other fingers, making it feel as she knew her vagina would feel to him once
she allowed him inside.

Her hand continued downwards pulling the foreskin back from the head increasing the tension at the head and then she was bringing her hand up and gathering all back to the top of her stoke once more.

She wanted to feel and see the head of his cock uncovered and instinctively knew that he would enjoy it more if it were. So gently holding the skin of his shaft back down with her other hand she continued to stroke up and down, rubbing the softness of the inside of her fingers and palm over the sensitized surface of the head, dipping inside herself once or twice to renew the copious amounts of juice she used to lubricate him, watching him start to writhe and twist and turn as her firm grasp directed his mind this way and that.

She felt wonderful. She was here, in control of her man for the first time. Giving him as much pleasure as she had ever imagined she was capable of giving. Seeing his reaction as her fluttering fingers took control of his mind and body.

The giving pleased her greatly and, watching him display the outward ecstasy of what he was experiencing, turned her on even more than she would have believed. He started to groan, muttering that he was nearing the point where he could no longer control the bubbling cream within.

She stopped. "Not yet, not yet, my darling." she said softly, lowering her head still further and kissing the tip of his throbbing cock. She licked up the small crystal droplet which appeared as she slowly gave the stem a firm squeeze, milking him one last time before letting him recover. She found the taste was a salty sweet combination. She wanted more.......

"I don't want you exhausted too quickly!" She said with a cheeky grin, "There are still lots of things to do with him yet and lots of places for him to go!"

He lay there panting, thinking back over the intensity of the sensations he'd just experienced. "My God, you are fantastic! You seem to know just exactly what turns me into a jabbering idiot! That was amazing!" he grinned.

"Stick around!" she said with a light but slightly embarrassed giggle, "I'm just getting warmed up!" She was so pleased that she had given him what he desired and became even more determined to prove to him that her words were not an idle boast. "Lie back." she said.

His cock had softened slightly but now, she dipped her head once more and, extending her tongue, licked up the underside of his cock from its base to the tip. She held its stiffening length from above, giving her tongue a clear path from his balls on up to its oozing slit. Once more she tasted the sweet liquid that appeared and, reluctant to leave until she was sure there was no more she settled her lips over the top of the head and, resting its tip against her teeth, gently sucked at the smooth slick surface, tasting thoroughly what she had only brushed against before. He groaned. It no longer needed her support and moving her hand down, she circled the sack of his balls, pulling them gently downwards between his legs, pulling the skin of his cock taught and away from the pulsing head. Exposed now, it glistened with his juices and her copious saliva slightly jerking as it reacted to the exquisite ministrations she was applying.

From merely crowning the tip she now parted and allowed the head to slip partially inside her mouth. It was hot and smooth and coated with her juices. She raised her tongue slightly rubbing it against the underside as she withdrew her mouth almost to the tip. Her one hand was occupied holding down his balls. Now the other came up and encircled the shaft bathing itself in the saliva which spilled from her half open mouth. Her head came down again, her lips just touching the forefinger and thumb of the encompassing hand. This time she sent his cock to the back of her throat, closing her lips tightly around the shaft; gripping it like she knew her vagina would when she allowed him to enter her. Her mouth narrowed too, pressing the length of him hard against as much of her inner surface as she could. He groaned again, his hips starting to move. She could see his desire was to thrust his cock down her throat as deep as she would allow but she wasn't ready for that just yet.

She used the hand curled round his shaft as a tube; another vagina, the depths of which was her wonderful, soft warm salivating mouth. Her hand moved up and down his cock faster now; keeping exact time with her mouth so that they became one receptacle for his thrusting member. In and out, in and out.......she felt his cock penetrate her deeper and deeper to the back of her throat.

Slowly she relaxed the muscles of her neck, getting used to the pressure there, wanting desperately to take in as much of him as she could. Could she get him into her throat, she wondered. She wanted everything for this man she loved.

He was now twisting blindly back and forth, trying to endure the sweetest pleasures for as long as he could without having to withdraw, preventing the final moment from arriving too soon; not knowing where to go, where to stop and knowing that, if she continued, he would deluge the back of her throat with his cum.

"No! No! Stop, stop!" he drew her juice cover mouth upwards towards him and kissed her lovingly, tenderly; cradling her softness in his arms, loving her.

"Sweetheart, we're not built like you, you know!" he whispered through breathless lips, panting from the exertion she had put him through. "Once we men come, we have to wait a bit before we can start again!" He smiled down at her still grinning face. She was so pleased that she had done what she had done so well. "I know, honey," she said. "I just want to do everything for you." "I know you do. But we've got time. We've got time." he said, kissing her tenderly.

His lips moved to her neck, licking the sensitive hollow of her shoulder. Slowly he turned her, kissing her all the while. In her mind she started to protest, wanting to be facing him; close, inseparable but then, relaxing, she allowed the senses to take over, drinking in the sensations as they came or were offered.

She felt his body fit close against hers as he rolled her on her side, felt his cock pressing hard against the underside of her buttocks. Felt his leg slide over her thighs as he turned her further lying her on her belly, her arms bent, hands up near her face.

She smelled his body as his weight move across and bore down on her and felt his cock ease effortlessly between her legs through the slick layer of juice that she was still producing. Her heart beat faster now, feeling, as she did, the top side of his cock come to rest, pulsing against the outer lips of her vagina.

She could feel it lying there between her closed legs, hot and hard. He made no effort to invade her yet but kept kissing her, bathing her neck and shoulder in the wetness of his touch. His tongue traced a line to mid shoulder and she felt a small, sharp pain as he bit down into the muscle, quite hard. She started and let out a small but muffled cry.

"Just making sure you were still paying attention!" he whispered in her ear.

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Great story, got our attention fo sure. don't stop D & S

YodelDealsSewed replies on 9/6/2006 5:14 am:
Ooooohhh.... I'd love to see the two of you living my lil fantasy

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5/19/2007 8:59 pm

i luv this picture

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this is so well written, like i was right there hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting even. you have a way of pulling people into your fantasies.... amazing

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4/26/2009 12:43 pm

This is the first that I have read of yours. I hope the others are as good. I can only imagine that meeting you and seducing you would be as good as this is. It would be nice to meet a woman that put as much into making love as this.

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