Flying in....?  

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2/5/2006 11:20 am

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Flying in....?

It's mid-January and still very brisk outside. The Phoenix airport is very busy with travelers going back home after the holidays. I'm so excited to be meeting you for the first time. As I park in the airport parking lot, I check to make sure everything's in order, coat's buttoned... I run inside the terminal and check which gate you're arriving at and proceed to it. Your plane's scheduled to arrive on time. I'm nervous and can't sit down. The airlines announces your plane has just landed and will be pulling into the gate momentarily... I keep pacing in the midway until it finally pulls up to the gate. I'm nervous and excited, just like I know you must be. You are at the advantage because you know what I look like but I don't know what you look like. Part of the thrill is that I asked you not to tell me how I can identify you... it's the element of surprise. You are looking for me to be wearing a black overcoat.
Passengers are debarking and the anticipation is overwhelming me... I'm surprised that I'm really beginning to become turned on. I stand back, out of the way, watching for someone who could be you... so many people... travelers alone, couples, families... hugging each other... shaking hands... warm greetings... and I know you're one of them and that you're here somewhere... you had called from the air phone... excited.
Without warning, there's a presence behind me... someone lightly brushes the hair from my ear, I hear a sniffing sound as you inhale my aroma and whisper "hello baby".. lightly kissing my cheek. I turn around to face you. As I turn you press your lips against mine. Surprised by your kiss, I willingly respond. Then a long gaze into each other's eyes. I am surprised and quite pleased with you... you're as handsome as I had imagined. You tightly embrace me... I notice your cologne, the overall smell of you, returning your hug... kissing you, teasing your lips with my tongue, probing you. I have waited so long for your touch. I notice a warmth between my legs, an ache. We pause for a moment, and I can’t help but smile as I look at you. I take you by the hand and we walk down the midway.
There are lots of people walking about. I stop and excuse myself for a moment, having you wait where you are. I run into the ladies room and surprisingly discover it is vacant. I peek out into the midway and motion for you to join me. Surprised, you look around and casually wander over. As you get closer, I reach out and grab you, pulling you into the restroom with me. A few people notice, but there are no objections nor are we followed. I take you into the farthest stall, and begin unbuttoning my coat... here we are, face to face in the airport ladies room, after months of fantasizing with and about you. "You never told me you were a flasher!" you joke with me, as the last button is undone. In response, I give you my sexiest smile and reach back up to the lapels of my coat, opening it wide and letting it slip off my shoulders into a pile on the floor. Involuntarily, you draw your breath in sharply and I hear you gasp "oh my God" as you stare at me, a fantasy-turned-reality.
You reach a hand out to me, extended fingers lightly brushing up my arm, to my neck and cupping it, pulling my face to yours and we share a long, deep kiss. Pulling away from me, you continue exploring me. Your fingers lazily fall from my neck down to my chest, slowly tracing the outline of my black bra. You take a step back and look at all of me again, so surprised at my attire, not thinking I would really dress like this to meet you. A hand still on my bra, your other hand moves to my matching black garter belt and traces it, around to my back and pulling me into you once again. Pulling down on my bra, a breast escapes and you grab it while stroking my bare ass at the same time. "You’re gorgeous," you growl at me. Hearing your deep sexy voice in my ear, and the sensations ripping through my body as you squeeze my nipple and my ass, are almost enough to make my knees buckle with desire. The aching between my thighs is more than I can bear and it is now that I notice the wetness between my legs, dripping down my thighs and onto my black stockings.
Pressing myself into you, I notice your hardness. The animal in me takes over and I pull your overcoat off and greedily begin unbuttoning your shirt, yanking it out of your slacks and down your arms, dropping it in a pile on top of our coats, working on your belt buckle next and rubbing your raging hard-on before unzipping your pants. Stooping down as I help your pants drop around your ankles, I notice that your cock is begging for attention. Hooking your thumbs into the top of your boxers, you start lowering them and expose your beautiful hardness to me, so close to my lips you can feel the warmth of my breathing. Impatient, I grab your boxers and they too fall around your ankles. Suddenly, someone enters the restroom. We freeze momentarily but speedily recover as I push you back, forcing you to sit on the commode. I quickly straddle you with my legs extended behind you and feet resting on the wall. Two women are busy chatting excitedly about something only meaningful to them. As they occupy other stalls, we sit facing each other. Although a humorous situation, neither one of us is laughing but instead we are agonizing. Your cock, so hard, is nestled next to my damp pussy. The smell of my wetness at that moment is so overpowering for both of us, like an aphrodisiac.
With your arms wrapped around my back, your mouth searches eagerly for my tits and quietly kisses around my nipples. Tensing up, I want to moan but am afraid of discovery. You begin to enjoy this game, wanting to see how long I can be quiet without our stall companions hearing us. Your tongue begins circling my nipples amidst the sounds of flushing toilets. The women begin washing their hands, and you take my already hard nipples into your mouth, sucking on first one and then the other. Looking up at me, you see an expression on my face that registers somewhere between pure pleasure and sheer agony. I want to feel your hands touch me, please me. The women leave and it appears we are alone again. Placing my feet on the floor, you begin massaging my tits, rolling my nipples between fingers and thumbs. Telling me to stand up, you turn me around and draw me backwards into you so that we are both sitting on the commode.
Kissing the back of my shoulders and neck, your hands reach for my thighs, wrapped in silky stockings, and you spread them which makes me straddle the commode. A hand slides up my thigh, teasingly dipping a finger into my wetness. You slide first one, then two fingers deep inside me while your other hand teases a nipple. My hips begin a slow rhythm as your fingers fuck me. Your other hand moves from my nipple and slides down my tummy and finds my clit, teasing it now. Your hot breath is in my ear, tongue exploring. "Cum for me, baby," you whisper in that sexy voice I have fantasized with. Arching my back and pressing my ass into you, the rhythm increases while you continue finger fucking me. "Cum for me," you urge me. My hands grip the edge of the toilet seat, my hips move more insistently, and your lips cover mine as I turn my head to kiss you, smothering the moan escaping from me as I cum...
Again there is a sound of someone entering the restroom. Thinking fast, you draw your feet up and place them on the door in front of me so as not to be seen. We hear the sound of running water, as if the woman is simply splashing water on her face, and she leaves as quickly as she entered. Standing up, I face you and beckon you to slide forward. Kissing you, I kneel in front of you and run the tip of my tongue around the head of your throbbing cock, licking your velvety hardness. I slide my tongue down the underside of your shaft and back up to the head, tasting your precum. With an impish grin I look up at you with those stunning eyes that speak so clearly my lust for you. I take the head into my mouth, wrapping my lips around it... I have one hand wrapped around the base of your shaft and the other is cupping your balls. I continue stroking your cock with my mouth, taking more and more of your length into me. I want to turn your world into one of warmth, wetness and exquisite pleasure. Not able to resist, your hands grab for my hair and you run your fingers through my soft golden mane, urging me to fuck you with my mouth. I want you in sensory overload... you know, that wonderful place where pleasure is so intense that you can’t cum. Suddenly, you stop me and instruct me to stand up.
Once again I straddle you, the head of your cock rubbing insistently into my wetness but not easily for I am so tight. A groan escapes me as I impale myself on your cock. Your hands cup my ass as your hips thrust to meet me. Becoming more insistent in fucking you, I grab your hands and pull them up to my tits, encouraging you to rub them, squeeze them. You take a nipple into your mouth, gently biting it, causing me to groan louder. The aching deep in my pussy intensifies and I feel an orgasm approaching. Reaching out with both arms, I brace myself on either side of the stall and my feet on the floor. Your hands move to my hips, and we begin to frantically make love... faster... I want you deeper and deeper inside me... whispers of "fuck me" turn into low growls of "FUCK ME" and orgasms rip through us simultaneously, our bodies trembling with sheer pleasure.
Going limp, my head rests on your shoulder and you hold me...

saddletrampsk 54F

2/5/2006 7:43 pm

Sexy post..I think I need to change my panties..

welcome to blogland..

stealth_fighter1 105M

2/9/2006 4:20 pm

This story gives a whole different meaning to the term lay over

rm_woodman_157 59M

2/9/2006 7:48 pm

Wow what a sexy story. whereever did you get the inspiration for it?I have got to meet you you sexy hot woman !!!!.I had to change my panties too

stealth_fighter1 105M

2/10/2006 5:37 pm

yes try to come up with an erotic story about playing chess..I have one if you draw a will never think mind games are bad

DriesAmendCoder 54M
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4/13/2006 5:35 pm

Whew!...........I have to have a chat with my woman after that!

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