I want It, I need It  

hrdashell35 46M
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8/17/2005 11:44 am

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I want It, I need It

What can I say, Is I love pussy, the taste, smell and the feel of It. I love to see her face when I lick her pearl and she grabs the cover, bitting her bottom lip and call me everything but my muthafucking name. I love to take my time so she can feel everything I'm willing and able to give from giving her nice massages to eating her pussy around to her ass. I love when she about to cum and she tries to pull away and I just stay my grounds and taste all her juices I LOVE EVERY DROP! DAMN! what can I say I just love the passion of a women. I know when I do all of that my dick get so hard and ready It feel like It going to explode, At that moment I whishpered to her ear and ask her how bad do she want this dick and If she take her time to answer I go instantly back down eating her pussy, because I know after she has cum her cliq Is real sensitive, she gives In begging for this dick and I lift my head up with a lil smile on my face knowing she's ready for this hard ass dick that's throbbing for her pussy. I come up and slowly slide my dick into her, OMG her pussy Is so hot she begs me to fuck her faster & deeper and I do both, she grabbing me, biting me, calling out to her lord. I got her legs so far up In the air I can see her trying to play with her ass and she ask me to fuck her from behind, so I flip that ass over stick my throbbing dick back In her hot pussy and lost my muthafucking mind, she begging me not to cum yet, but damn her pussy feels so damn good I don't know how long I can last, she took my dick out and ask me to stick It In her ass, ahh shit It's on now. I put my hard dick slowly In her ass as she spread her ass cheeks. I can see her grabbing the covers and hearing her telling me how big my dick Is, and I ask her was she Ok and she just told me to go deeper, and her wish Is my command and once she relax she ask me to go faster, next thing I know I feel like horns was coming out my head I'm fucking her ass so good I forgot I was even In her ass, she's yelling and screaming but at the same time telling me to keep going, but damn my dick Is so hard and ready to explode. I know I can't last to long so I tell her I'm about to cum and she telling me the same, next thing you know we are cumming together, she grabs my dick and put It In her mouth, sucking all around my dick swallowing everything, my knees is weak my head of my dick Is so sensitive and you can look In her eyes she knows It so she keeps sucking, and when she got finish she tells me thank you.


jazzyqu33n 31F

12/8/2005 6:14 pm


24karatpussy 38F

9/16/2005 2:06 pm

shit what you need i have a large craven for some black pole get at me

lickmyclit_n_tit 34F
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8/22/2005 1:48 pm

MMmmm....i've never had a black dick in me

wifey3223 47F
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8/19/2005 11:59 pm

I can handel you in all those ways & more? youll be calling a name, barely breating.

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