A Great Night and a Perfect Morning  

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8/22/2005 12:06 am

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A Great Night and a Perfect Morning

There are times when life surprises you. This Saturday night was one of those times.

I had gone out for a few drinks with some friends, most of which I have met online. Some of us had met others in the group, but we have never all been together. We ended up having drinks at my local watering hole, since it was close to my house, and also so I could hit on my favorite bartender.

I had met one of the women before, a little over a month ago, just for a quick drink and a movie, the only real physical contact we had was a hug at the end of the night. We would talk online at times, but nothing much came up after that night.

Our group decided about a week ago to meet up finally; get some drinks and laugh the night away. I was all for this, I love meeting people, and I am a convicted flirt, so how could I say no to the company of a few friends, and a few beautiful women?

I was the first to arrive, I wanted to get some quality time in with the bartender before everyone showed up, she really is a great person, not just an object to be desired. (She is very hot however)
I think I sat around for about an half an hour before everyone showed up. In ways, it was a little uncomfortable at first, talking to people online, and talking to them in person is not the same, so it takes a little getting used to. We however warmed to each other fairly quickly, and soon the drinks where flowing freely.

After a few hours, we decided to retire to the woman’s house that I had gone to the movies with. She had a pool table, which sounded like a ton of fun at that moment. Why does being drunk and playing pool go hand in hand like chocolate and peanut butter? It's one of the great mysteries of life. Maybe it's because of the sexual innuendos, a stick, some balls and a few holes. In any case we drove to her house, safely which was amazing considering the state I was in, and started the festivities all over.

Like I said earlier, I am a convicted flirt, and being a happy drunk, I get cozy with just about everyone; I like to have a good time, so sue me.
I wasn't flirting too much this night, someone else was taking over that job, and doing a pretty good job of it.

Lisa, the woman’s house we had gone to had developed a fascination with sitting in my lap. Being the flirt I was, I didn't make much of it, but every once in a while I'd feel a slight little wiggle in her hips, pressing down on my lap. I decided to take a chance, and let my arms encircle her waist. I was not disappointed in her reaction, her hands slid down, and pulled mine to her breasts, just briefly, but I got the point quickly. We were still in her game room, a few stragglers still up and chatting, so I don't know how many noticed that little action, but I didn't care, obviously neither did she.

Once the night finally started to wind down, a few of our friends crashing here and there, she led me to her bedroom upstairs.

How wonderful this lady was, soft and sensual, exotic and sexy. From the moments our lips touched it was electrifying. She responded to my every touch, her lips finding mine hungrily. Her nipples were so sensitive, she orgasmed just with me sucking, licking and nibbling on them. Our bodies meshed, god it felt like heaven to be inside of her as she orgasmed again and again. I loved the sound of her voice as she came, so soft, but so powerful. This beautiful woman licked and sucked on me for hours it seemed, and I her. It was only after the sun had risen in the sky did we finally drop from exhaustion.

I could not remember a time when I felt so comfortable, but so excited with a woman. I don't know if I will ever meet with her again, but the time we spent together was a perfect ending to that night.

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