What To Blog Today ?????  

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6/27/2006 11:49 am

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6/29/2006 9:21 am

What To Blog Today ?????

Ramblings and thoughts I guess. First thing is that the local group BBW and those who enjoy in Birmingham are having some nightly chats at 9 CST. Some nice and interesting people there though last night it was mostly guys. Hope some of you girls will come in. Especially Milea !!!
There is a get together this weekend in Huntsville, I hate to let this secret out but there are usually more women than men at these gatherings. True some may not see the inner beauty and want some gawgeous skinny young model type. Well, to thiose guys all I can say is what ever floats your boat. Been down that creek and these are some of the nicest people around. Thanks to all you assholes who have given then complexs, gives me more to work with. Probably said too much on that subject huh?
It's good to see curvymeli blogging again. I read her like some people do the morning paper. Same for the Baroness but she hasn't bloged lately either. You get kinda addicted to blogs. I'm sure some of you know that. When someone pours out so much feeling and emotion you get to feeling like you know them and worry that something might have happened.
While I'm talking about BBW think I'll add this story. Was talking to a buddy and mentioned that I was wanting to meet some women from the various groups. To give you a little back groung this fella can't get it up to save his life. Tried everything too. Roleplaying, neglizees (sp). Tells stories about what all he does. Told him that was info I didn't need. Well he said he couldn't do a large woman he liked them petite (remember he can't get a hard on anyway). He thinks is current is beautiful and though I hate to say it about anyone she is fugly (that's fucking ugly) probably not the right term since she is to ugly to fuck j/k. Shouldn't have even gone there but what the hell, warned ya I was rambling. If you read this far thanks. Critism is welcomed. Dick

bbw4u06 50F

6/27/2006 12:56 pm

Maybe if he was with a BBW he could get it up!!!!!!

rm_milea24 37F
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6/28/2006 10:39 pm

Hover this is rite on, assholes have insulted and damaged a massive amont of women to the extent that they believe themselves to be fat. I've seen alot of pics of these BBw, alot of them are not big, not what I would consider big anyway. Ladies don't pay all that much attention to assholes, they tend be full of shit.

Hover thank you for the personal invite, but I've never been to one and sorry to say I probably never will either. As I state in my profileI have a nueromuscular disease called Friederich's Ataxia and I'm wheelchair bound. I cannot transfer from wheelchair to car or other vehicle, I can ride in a van with a wheelchair ramp and doors with it. If you have one I'd love to go with you.

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