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7/6/2006 7:05 am
Back to the Ol Grind

yea, Fourth of July has come and gone again. I had good time for the most part. Fiurth of July is my favorite holiday though there are some sad memories associated with it.
Had a few of my mood swings. Sometimes I just want to crawl under a rock or something. Went to a great party Monday night but by the time I left I felt like a creepy ol dude (COD), a friend laughed assured me I wasn't that I am just a dirty ol man. That's not very flattering either though she meant it in a good way. So, I've been relecting more and more on my life. I'm not unhappy, certainly not bored, just something missing. Anyway I've about come to the conclusion to settle my wild ass down, spend more time alone, I remember when I was perfectly contented with books and my own company. My ideal life would be alone, in the country, reading and writing.
Someone had asked a friend where did I go to school to learn to be such a good public speaker. That's a hoot, it just comes naturally. How is it that I can be an extrovert on minute and introverted the next. Maybe introvert isn't the right word but relective would be more correct. I love life, I love people but have little patience for drama and life is one big drama. I've been pretty damn lucky and learned so many lessons in this life. Surely enlightenment is near.

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