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9/3/2005 3:57 pm

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sweaty sex

only got a minute, 'cause i'm in the middle of moving, you all know. but i couldn't wait. one of my friends brought this guy over to help me move. and did he. there were 5 of us all together. ted randown the store to get some smokes. the rest of the guys decided to go get some beer and carry-out. to make a long story short. i've never liked sweaty men, that is until now. we sat across from eachother in the livingroom. the sun was shineing in. he took off his t-shirt. oh my goddess, he looked like a god. i couldn't help myself. i stood up took off my t-shirt, and sports bra. walked over to him, unzipped his jeans, stuck my hand down his pants. ipulled him close and said take me now, before they get back. just then my hand felt his cock. it was limp. he looked at me, told me i was very pretty, but he was strickly a guy guy. i said thank u, made an excuse to go to the bathroom, and got myself off. not much fun. in this case, moving dose not suck. darn

good sex is good sex. it doesn't matter where it comes from.[/COLOR

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