gettin' off on memories  

hotwitch2 41T
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4/21/2006 8:36 pm
gettin' off on memories

hi! all, i'm finally able to blog again. i've either been out of wireless range or just plain to tired by the end of the nite. i haven't had sex in a week with anyone but myself. i've been remembering encounters from the past and getting off on them. one of my weirdest was this guy. he was very much the gentalman. he was pretty good looking. not brad pitt, or peirs broosdon, but pretty good. he did all the right things we girls like. movie of my choice, dinner of my choice. movie or dinner first, etc. didn't go stright for the panties. this guy was so good. when the end of the nite came, i suggested we go to his place. after making out for awhile, and mostly naked, he asked me."would you like to ride my bull?" fuck ya, i thought. but the lady in me said,"yes i'd love to" he took me to his bedroom. in the middle of the floor was this thing that looked like a tiny bull rideing machine. it had a big dildo sticking out of it where you sit on it. "is this your bull?" he said "yes, will you ride it while i watch?" i was a little shocked that such a nice guy was so kinky. i said "yes, but on pics." he lubed up the bull and i striped down and slid it into my pussy. then without warning he presseda button. the dildo sticking out of the bull began to move up and down. sliding in and out of me. it was so good. it was so fuckin' perfect. i came in 2:00 min's flat. it's near the end of the blog so let me finish on my next blog in a few min's

good sex is good sex. it doesn't matter where it comes from.[/COLOR

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