First Female - Finally Made Date  

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6/9/2005 6:46 am

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First Female - Finally Made Date

Well, it has been an eventful week. A couple I had hoped to talk with and maybe meet hasn't written back to me even though I've seen that they have been on. Just love those AdultFriendFinder "last seen" features. I am not sure if that means I was strung along or not, but I might e-mail them again just to see if there is an interest.

Aside from that, last night I met a wonderful young lady for a drink. No, we didn't hop in the sack so get your minds out of the gutter. We had a great time talking and conversed about my curious bi side. I am not sure if I will follow through with it, but it is better to talk about it than letting it brew. I invited her to meet with me again whenever she has time and talk some more at my place. Maybe something will happen, but I am not counting on it because I'm still questioning it.

Other good news, that guy called me! I stayed on the phone with him from just after 8 last night to almost 1 this morning!!!! We had a great conversation and after he was alone, we actually had phone sex! I never done that before, masturbating with him, talking about what we'd do and cum together and I was so hot from it. I went to bed with one of my toys and imagined getting fucked hard by him, calling his name out loudly as I orgasmed again. I slept VERY soundly. Anyway, we ended up making a date for Saturday night. I know it is two days away, but I am going to find something very sexy and slinky to wear for him. I am already anticipating that our date is going to end with us going back to his or my place and I'll be fucking my first man after my ex-husband. My first younger guy too. That is such a turn on to know that I just might have the cock of a kid I knew years ago that I instructed being inside my mature pussy. I wonder how he feels about that happening? giggle I have had a couple of e-mails asking who the guy is and I asked him if he minded me saying, he didn't. So all you people whom what to know who I am going to go on a date with, it's BigThickCornwall, a great guy. I just hope I end up in the same position in his second profile pic as that woman. Now excuse me, writing this and thinking about it has me all hot and wet so I need a shower. Looks like I'll have the massage head on, giggle.

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