what is marathon sex??  

hottsicilian01 49M
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8/6/2006 1:00 pm

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3/2/2008 7:11 pm

what is marathon sex??

do any of u smart peeps out here know what Marathon sex is?? I do,but I find so far most women dont,and all men besides me dont have a fucken clue lets here some of your responses

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
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8/6/2006 1:26 pm

Hell yea. It is when we go for hours on end~~~

Purry {=}


FunFlirty4u 46F

8/6/2006 1:30 pm

It goes on for most of a day.

whiskeygirl67 49F

3/2/2008 4:53 pm

its the only kind of sex to have but the hardest to find...i can go and go for hours but it seems that most men just cant fullfill that desire for me...

hottsicilian01 49M

3/2/2008 7:10 pm

well lets get together I ware you out!!!!

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