Definition of a "slut"  

hottchica39 61F
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4/1/2005 11:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Definition of a "slut"

Am wondering how those of you on AdultFriendFinder would define a "slut". Some people see it as a derogatory term for a woman who indiscriminately sleeps around and acts trashy.

But I've talked to some people via AdultFriendFinder who see "slut" in a very positive light: namely, a woman who LOVES sex, who loves to give pleasure and take it at will, and as often as she can. She's a woman to be desired and should have the freedom to seek pleasure the same way a man can...with multiple partners, if she likes, for example.

What defines a "slut" for you?

expatbrit49 62M

4/1/2005 2:52 pm

I try not to define or lable, but OMFG I love sluts

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

discreetpaul69 72M

4/2/2005 6:29 am

I thing there is an analogy here to the use of "nigger" about and by blacks. It started out as a derogatory term used by whites, but in recent years was taken over by blacks. Since they have taken it over, all sorts of additional, and often (but mot always) positive meanings apply when Blacks use it about and amongst themselves. However, out of the mouth of a white man (like me) it still heard with all (most?) of the original nasty meaning.

I think "slut" is undergoing something similar. It starts out with the nasty kind of meaning you described first. But now, some women (you?) have adopted it as their own, and when you use it you mean more like the second positive meaning. This more positive self description is, at least here on AdultFriendFinder getting wider (but not exclusive) use.

However, just like the nasty meaning of the word for blacks, the original nasty version of slut is also still in use. So for now, both are correct definitions.

The other analogy is that, while I think it is fine for you to call yourself a slut, it is really not OK for me to use that term, unless you make it clear that you want me to.

BTW, if the word is changing meaning, as I think it is, it is in a much earlier stage than the word for blacks, so you should know that you are more likely to have a listner outside this kind of community missundestand you when you use it. Doesn't mean you shouldn't use it your own way. Just be aware that you will sometimes get the wrong reaction.

All that said, I think it is sexy when a woman calls herself a "slut" in the cute positive way of your seconddefinition.

Cathy_Dave 54M/54F

4/2/2005 6:49 am

A slut ........ good question. I definitely don't consider a woman that is sexually adventures a slut or a woman that is willing to play with multiple partners or a woman that looooves sex or a woman that is willing to have a variety of partners. If it was a male doing these things he would be considered a real man but woman sometimes get labelled a slut for being this way.

I would say a woman that is willing to fuck any guy ..... I mean any guy whether she found him attractive or not .... whether she liked him at all or thought he was an asshole and yet would still fuck him just so she can get some cock ..... well ...... that may be considered a slut but that would only be my opinion....... Cathy

MidgePlodsSlurp 69M
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4/5/2005 8:18 pm

When a guy gets a lot of woman he is called a stud...When a woman enjoys a lot of men she is called a slut. I'm sorry but what's good for the goose is good for the gander. A slut is woman who has the morales and morays of a men ATG

keithcancook 60M
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4/6/2005 3:30 pm

For my whole life slut was a derogatory term. These days as discreetpaul69 as so aptly stated the word is losing some of its negativity.

rm_LacyCuffs 49F
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4/20/2005 6:01 pm

SLUT= Sexy Lady Un-Tamed
Well, that's what I heard

rm_simonshy 44M
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4/27/2005 9:18 am

In this modern age of sexual promiscurity, it's pretty hypocritical to call a women a slut just because she enjoys sex with a different partner every week, we men have been doing that since we first found our willy's and discover you could do more than just Pee out of it.
I think "Slutty" these days is better used for describing a type of behavior rather than a type of person.
However, I do strongly believe that the derogatory form of "slut" is more than apropriate for any women in a supposed monogamous relationship who cheats on her partner in secret.....

2holes4u2use 39F

5/26/2005 3:46 pm

I'm a slut and very proud of it. To me it means that i am a woman who loves sex and will have sex with anyone, anytime and any place she desires. I appreciate and need a cock to be happy, so i will do whatever it takes to get a really good one(s). If that means taken it in the ass or down my throat or 2 or more cocks, so what. Its my body. I am being pleased as I am giving pleasure. And why should I only be able to have one cock, when I want many. The onlt bad thing is the people who judge me for this, but fuck them. I am DDF and just a gal who truly loves and needs a lot of sex.

Drofpussology4u 59M  
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6/26/2005 2:45 pm

There is nothing derogatory about the word slut to me. Hypocrytical people use the term in a negative fashion. I love women who are free to explore their sexuality and like to experience as many partners as they can. Most men I know are like this, women should be free to do the same thing too without negative lables. Slut to me is a real woman who is not afraid to experience sex as often as she desires, with as many partners as she desires,...the kind of woman I adore!

DeeepPenaTrayR "The Pussologist"[blog DeeepPenaTrayR]

redmustang91 57M  
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7/10/2005 11:57 pm

slut was a derogatory term, like whore or similar terms for a woman of easy virtue, who had frequent and various sex partners. Like the Samantha character on Sex and the City. which is more like the male attitude about sex. Which is why men are frequently very happy some women are sluts as it improves the odds of getting laid! I always applaud a woman getting in touch with her inner slut. Only I prefer to get in touch with her inner and outer slut as well! spread the word and legs too. A body is a terrible thing to waste.

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