whispers from afar...  

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4/6/2005 8:14 am

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whispers from afar...

Hello appears on my screen as I walk into the house and look at my monitor for any new communications while I was out.

Hello I respond back.

A long pause.... then she starts to talk.

This was the start of an incredible conversation I had today! A young lady from about 140 miles away had IM'd me on here while I was out. I made it back in time, because she hadn't closed the message box yet, and my response must have come just in the nick of time. I opened her profile.. 36yo couple. The photo there on the main profile, a very nice, young, naked body. The body type... A little extra padding is what it said. I looked intently at the photo for several minutes in a vain attempt to find that padding. It wasn't there. Delightfully disappointed that the body and the description didn't match up quite right. Here is a beautiful lady who works out a few days a week, and because she's not see-through, labels herself as having some extra padding. In reality, as far as titled descriptions go, she was somewhere between fit and average. Either way, this is what I have talked about before, when referencing my problems with understanding the ratings. Anyways... back to the story..

As we talk, we introduce our selves, and discuss a little about each other. She tells me she's looking for that right fit for a MFM with her and her husband. They are both straight, but she is soo desperately wanting to see him be dominated by another male! I told her that it would be something she would have to talk over with him first, that he would have to be in complete agreement about it before anything like that would happen.

As we discussed our wants and desires, the idea of taking her 'man' and tying him up, using him for our own personal sex toy, come up. Her comment... I am so about to cum just thinking about it! WOW!! She's really into this. She asks if I would be willing to travel there to them, and how hard it would be. After explaining that I have kids and a business to run, she also offers for them to come down here. I tell her that either would be great! I can make arrangements either way. It's all a matter of timing and communication.

We'll be making arrangements, with any luck, in the near future for a meeting and see how it goes. Such a delightfully deviant mind she has!! I can already taste her on my lips in anticipation. What a delightfully sinful time we may have in store!

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