The latest twist to the ongoing delema..  

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4/5/2005 5:02 am

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The latest twist to the ongoing delema..

Let's see, In the past month, I've endured my mail being messed up, my location settings fading in the mist, and of course the incredably disapearing bolg posts. Today I have a new one, my IMC now no longer shows me having any friends what so ever! Now so far, when I goto my network page on A F F, I am able to see everyone, and hopefully they can see me, but on that little pager application, NADA! Woo hoo!

Now this causes me to ask two questions...
Does AdultFriendFinder have an unpaid Beta-Tester position?
Who signed me up for it?!?

I suppose I need to toss a coin and see if I should use good old speed dial #9 or should I write in and do the bug report? I think I should move them up a couple notches on the phone.. maybe #5.. and yes, I am rapidly seeing the day approach when they make it to #1!

More to come...

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