Sunday's happenings  

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4/11/2005 5:16 am

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Sunday's happenings

Well... Sunday sure was a great day for me! I had company for a few hours yesterday afternoon, the good kind. My 'teacher friend' decided to give me a go after some thought, in a big way! She and her son had come over and brought a couple pets for the girls to see and play with. That went really well. The girls had fun playing with these big rats.. lol.. it's still making me laugh seeing the kids so excited of those not-so-little rodents. After some fun and chit-chat, the kids went out to play, taking her son along with them and introducing him to the other neighborhood kids. Meanwhile her and I went into the back room for our own brand of fun

All I can say is that I've never had so many blended compliments in one sitting from one person. She's completely intrigued by my personality, likes, and looks. As I've said a couple times in previous posts, she's really into the BDSM world. It was amusing to see her so interested at how I didn't fit into any certain 'brand' of 'clique'. As much of a masochist as I am, my dominate personality ensures I would not make a good 'Sub,' and my wanting to be dominated kind of knocks me out of being a 'Dom' also. The only thing I could tell her is that my complex personality leaves me in a 'gray' area, where there is no black or white, well defined 'clique' that I could settle into.

The energy of our encounter would definitely be defined as fitting into her 'lifestyle' though. The overpowering forcefulness of the passion was not entirely new to me, just more a long time unfelt for me. Light tender kisses accented by a piercing bite of the lip, her caress ever so light, turning into a grappled clawing of my skin. What a turn on!!

I really enjoyed taking my time with her, blending the soft caresses with good pinch; the exploratory circles of my fingers around her nipples ending with a sharp tug on her piercing's; the confusion in her eyes as every motion was an untold fortune of erotic pleasure yet to be experienced. She had orgasmed several times just by touch before looking me straight in the eye and demanding that I fuck her hard!! And at that command, I wasted not a moment. Pushing her over onto her back, placing her legs on my shoulders, I penetrated her hard, one heavy thrust, her eyes bulged as she literally flowed of her sweet juice! It had been years since I have felt that warm flow of juice 'squirt' against my waist! Yes! She was more than a 'gusher' the girl was one of the rare ones, one that would allow her orgasm to explode into a bursting ejaculation! One after another, she climaxed at least 15 times... feeding me with her energy in almost limitless amounts.

Now she is completely captivated with me. We have decided to keep our friends with frequent benefits status. It even seems like she's wanting to introduce me to some of her friends in the BDSM world! Sweet! Many more experiences to 'cum!'

The top-off of my day came a bit later in a couple steps. First off was an email from a girl I'd been interested in since joining the site. I've had a couple light messages back and forth with her over the past month or so, but nothing really 'promising.' Today, however, she emails me with her phone number. AWESOME! As much as I wanted to pick up the phone and call her the moment I saw it, I decided to hold off and wait a bit. A couple hours later I went ahead and called her. ring...ring...ring.. answering machine Great.. lol.. I figured why not, if she sent me her number, I'd leave her mine on the machine.

It wasn't until around 8:30 that she called back that night. My eyes light up like a forth of July celebration when her name showed up on the caller ID! We talked for over an hour!! What a great gal!! Se was everything I had imagined her to be all this time. To boot, I found out I was the first new person she's talked to this year!

To say I'm pleased and happy at the moment would be an understatement.. lol.. I even got a 'thank you' email from her this morning about our phone call. The only bummer is that she is about a 2 hour drive away from me. So, when and if we decide to hook up, it's going to be a really planned out event. One thing I know for sure, she's really sweet, smart, and has her act together. She's definitely worth taking my time with. Get to know her slowly so every word sinks in.

Finally, the investment in the site is paying off. I may have actually accomplished my goal of finding a few really good friends with the promise of mind-blowing benefits! Yeah Me!

horny4u529 46M

4/11/2005 5:27 pm

you play so well rama tells it all to me you think you turn her on? you repluse her but hey keep on playing bro

(Neil M)

4/12/2005 7:18 am

Little man.. you seem to need to get over the fact that she's dumped you. You hide behind a computer, and turn off your profile, so that people don't know who you are. Well, GET OVER IT. She has obviously moved on, and has no time for that. I would suggest you take up some anger management counseling.. but you know, for your problem, suicide isn't that bad of an alternative either

Keep trying to play your game littl man. Maybe it'll make you feel more confident about your self.


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