Pain is pleasure?  

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4/5/2005 10:30 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Pain is pleasure?

OMG! I have hooked with a local gal that promises to be an exciting adventure! I've gotten into the BDSM lifestyle a little bit over the years, but nothing really serious as of yet. I know it's a bit confusing to some, but I really do get into the mails, riding crops, and such. Well this gal is promising to help innondate me into the full set. We talked quite a lot this afternoon, and she's said she's willing to guide me into learning the dominate position.. teaching me the ins and outs of the lifestyle. Finally someone with experience! I'm so revved up over this.

I know there's a lot to learn, and so far there's been no one willing to teach me what there is to know about it all. I'm sooo looking forward to experiencing it all. Those who've taken the time to keep up with me and especially the ones that chat with me, know I'm big into learning and experiencing new things. Even if I don't think I'd like it, I'm the type to try it before making a real opinion on it. Afterall, how can you say you like or don't like something you have never tried? You can't! So reguardless of how it turns out, I'm going to have a new experience all it's own!

AND.. with her being like just down the street, I can see it really being an on-going type of thing. I hate to go into things with expectations, and I'm trying not to.. lol.. I'm just revved

So what about you? Have any of you had any like experiences? Have any comments or advice? Let's hear it! I'd love to hear from you that have been there or are still there and know the whole story. I want to put my best effort into making this both an enjoyable and memorable experience, so any input will be greatly appreciated!

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