My date last night  

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4/9/2005 8:30 am

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My date last night

I finally met up with someone I've been talking to off here yesterday. Actually, I've met two. The local gal that I've been talking about, aka 'the teacher' I met up with for a couple minutes at the local gas station. Talked for a bit and just really checked each other out. Definitely everything she presented herself to be. The other was my legit date for the evening.

The date wasn't too bad. We had just planned it to be sort of a nice little meet and greet. Her and her daughter come over to watch a couple movies, have dinner, and some nice conversation. This was the first time I've met anyone without seeing a photo of them first.

She showed up pretty much on time. We did the introductions, and seemed to warm up to each other fairly quickly. We had a lot of great conversation. Her daughter and my daughters sat and watched some television for a bit then headed outside to play with the other neighborhood kids, while 'cute' and I sat and discussed things like foreign cultures. Her having lived 4 years in Japan was a great topic of conversation. How much things have changed over there in the past 10 years. It's quite nice to be able to sit down with someone that understands what it is to travel outside the US. Soo many people think going to the next town for a vacation is something, never having experienced the oddities and intricacies of another land and culture. Either way, the evening progressed nicely. For the most part, everyone seemed to get along together really well. A nice little family-style dinner was the perfect setting, considering all the kids and all. We had a great time.

After supper we settled down back to our movie, the kids went out and played, and all went fairly well. Once it started getting dark, the kids come in and all crashed on the living room floor.

Oddly enough, about 10pm I got a phone call from the girl I had met earlier at the gas station. Odd, because I had told her that I had a date over for the evening. She didn't seen to care about that, she was hott and wanting some release. I calmly reminded her that I had company over, and that meeting up right now wasn't an option. Man did she seem pissed. She almost sounded rejected/scorned. My thought was, what else did you expect? You knew I had someone over tonight.... oh well.. she told me 'too bad, but have fun.' I said thanks and hung up. Returning to the company, the kids were falling asleep, and it was time to do some playing.

As we both sat back on the couch, partaking in some light sensuous touching and exploring of each other, you couldn't tell that the A/C was on. We were both fairly hott, and waiting for the time we could sneak off for some fun. We continued to fondle around with each other, me giving her almost an hour long foot massage. Knowing she's on her feet most of the night, as a night auditor, that would be her little 'treat.' She looked in a heaven like state of relaxation, laying there finally having her day after a long week. It paid off nicely, as he started firmly massaging my cock with her feet through my shorts.

After a while, we started making out. What a wonderful kisser she was. Lingering light kisses, the scent of her hair, the tingling caresses, all set the mood. It was easy to see where we were heading by the sound of her light moans and sighs. After about an hour of this, she whispers 'let's go into the bedroom.'

Did I mention she has her tongue pierced? No? Well... she does... It was really a bonus to finally get to experience for myself rather or not the rumors about that are true. Needless to say, we had a fairly good time going on there, hot and sweet.

Then it happened.. inevitably one of the kids would have to wake up. It's kind of like some law of universal physics. Her daughter was up, upset we had gone into a different room, and went into a temper tantrum, cutting the action short.

Over all the night went well, with a little bonus. We both enjoyed ourselves. Will we have a repeat performance? I don't know. If we do, it's going to be with out the kids for sure.

angelwithahalo 59F

4/9/2005 7:15 pm

Got to love kids dont ya though.......

(Neil M)

4/10/2005 7:29 am

Yeah.. the wonderful little buggers Hey what could ya expect? It was just a meet and greet anyways.

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