Misunderstood marketing mail  

(Neil M)
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4/3/2005 5:43 am

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Misunderstood marketing mail

Ok, I usually save the e-mail posts for greeneyesatl05 coz she does such a good job, but, I felt the need to share

Going through my morning mass of unwanted e-mail in the old inbox, I recieved a 'HOTCOUPONALERT' from (a spammer) for o.b. Tampons of all things. Well normally like everyone else, I just delete it and go on to the next little piece of trash.. NOT THIS TIME! I felt inclined to replay with a little note, as follows...

I really appreciate the coupon, but wouldn't it be better to send me a coupon for ummmm... Preperation-H if you feel that I'm bleeding down there? I mean really people.. what use does a single man have for tampons?

Note to management... Re-evaluate the marketing staff.


It will be interesting to see if I get a replay back. Seriously though, with all the marketing research these companies bo now a days, what were they thinking? It seems to me that with a name like 'SmartSource' an IQ test would be involved in the hiring process some where, at least they should have the ability to destinguish the difference from products for men, women, or neuter. I suppose I could be judging them too harshly, and maybe, just maybe they were in a budget crunch and could only afford to hire the ones that flunked the IQ Test. Yeah, that must be what happened.. oh well..

Until next time... huggs all!

nightstogether 56M

4/3/2005 8:41 am

On the other hand, assuming that the reply address is real, you just confirmed your e-mail address for a spammer and anyone who cares to buy it from him ...

private-intellectual (.de)

PailsDiverHonks 55F

4/3/2005 7:28 pm

LOL, so true nightstogther
Hot, I was going to suggest we trade email. I always get the ones for Viagra

(Neil M)

4/3/2005 10:18 pm

nightstogether, Yeah, I know. But there's times you just can't help it. Besides, you validate the email by reading it. When you display the email, you pull the images from their server, thus validating your address. All the reply does is add to the amount of unread email in their unattended mailbox. Eventually, causing that account to go into suspension. I run Exchange mail servers

Thanks greeneyesatl05! There's days I just know that would come in handy LOL

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