End of a weekend  

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4/3/2005 3:10 pm

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End of a weekend

Well folks, Angel's headed on home to Alabama. I've spent most of the day working on a client's computer, mainly giving usage lessons. The weekend is now drawing to a close. I had a pretty good visit this time around, but am glad to have a little private time too now. It'll be about three weeks until she comes back for another visit, but for now, we're going to keep them to a weekend.

As much as I enjoyed having her here the week, I also found myself missing my usual times out. The ones next door with the neighbor, talking laughing, that sort of stuff. And having someone constantly at my side was also something that got under my skin after a while.

Our having no luck again finding anyone to play with this weekend didn't help any either. The one couple we did schedule something with, decided not to show up or tell us they were backing out, after caling to say they would be late.. ughhh..

Anyways, I've kinda lost track of my thought(s). So I'll just leave this like this for now. When I figure out what I was going to say, I'll get back to it.

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