Hot's Favorite Cutoff's  

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Hot's Favorite Cutoff's

Hello everyone this is Wayne.Hotstuff wanted me to write this next blog.It was with a friend of mine that I had invited over for a cookout and to watch the Nascar race,it wasn't to long ago.I had told Hotstuff to put on her favorite Cutoff's and to get dolled up for our guess.She has had the Hots for him for sometime now.I had asked her if she would like to have a 3-some with us 2 men.It was a stupid question to ask her but to be safe I asked.She told me she would love to get the both of us in bed.Our guess was to be here around 12:00 noon.She headed off to shower and get ready.I had setup a T.V. outside so we could enjoy the outdoors and watch the race while we cooked the food.He was right on time.I met him at the door and we headed to the backyard.He asked where Hotstuff was and if she was at work.I told him she was here and would be out in a few minutes.We were talking and watching the race when she walked out in those short,short cutoff's she loves so much and a bikini top.She's such a tease,as she walked out she dropped her lighter and turned to pick it up.You got it,all we seen was the cheeks of her ass and her shorts wedged in between those lustful pussy lips of hers.I cought my friend out of the corner of my eye as his eyes were glued to Hotstuff ass and those long legs of hers.As I turned to talk to him he was still stairing at her.I said to him,you like what you see.He replied,I can't believe you let her wear things like that.I tried to tell him that we were from N.Y. and up there thats an everyday thing,no one thinks twice about it.She got her lighter and looked at me and I winked at her and asked her if she could get us something to drink.When she got into the house I turned to him and asked him right there if he would like to join us for a 3-some later.I really took him by suprise.He looked at me and said,yeah right.Then he seen the look on my face and said,your serious aren't you?I told him I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't serious.Thats when it came out,he has fantasized about Hotstuff for sometime now.I said,isn't that funny,she has thought about getting us 2 together in bed too.I told him we were swingers and she loves having 2 men at a time and is very capable of handling us both.I bet she is he said.With that out in the open it made it easier to have some fun while watching the race and cooking.Hotstuff came out with the drinks and handed them to us.She looked at me and I winked and nodded my head to let her know it was all cool.With that she started her flirting.She flirted and was flashing him here and there.I had gotten up to tend to the grill.She walks over to him and sits on his lap.I hear her say,man is my pussy wet.My poor friend,I think was lost for a momment.Then she grabbed his hand and put it between her legs.She told him to rub her clit and make her cum and started to kiss him.He didn't hesitate this time he went right at it as she kissed and was moaning in his mouth.I hear her say fuck yeah I'm cumming.She got up after that and grabbed his hand and lead him to the washroom we have off the house.She made him sit on the washer and pulled his pants to his knee's.She started licking up and down his cock stopping to suck on his balls.This woman has a thing about a mans balls.She loves to pay extra attention to them.She'll never have a complaint out of me thats forsure.From the look on my friends face,him either.I heard her ask him if he came now would there be a problem later.His reply was,hell no,all I have to do is look at you and I'll be hard.With that she started licking and sucking.He told her its been a while since he's had sex so don't be suprised if he came quickly.She said not to worry she just wanted him to cum in her mouth to return the favor of getting her off.She sucked on him till he was filling her mouth up with cum.After he was all done cumming he grabbed her and gave her a deep tongue kiss.He said to her I want to get you off again,can I eat your pussy he asked.Hotstuff had him off the washer and her shorts to her ankles in a blink of an eye.She grabbed him by the shirt and then pushed his head to her pussy.He kissed and licked up and down her long legs teasing her to no end.Then with a 1 long lick on each leg from ankle to the tops of her legs he started to lick and suck on her pussy.I could see it wouldn't take long for her to cum because he was good at eatting pussy.Putting 2 fingers in her and licking and sucking on her clit it only took a few minutes and she was filling his mouth with her cum.WOW!you taste good I hear him say to her,what a flood you let go.She said to him its like that everytime I cum.Damn I'm in for a good time later huh?The best time Hotstuff replied.They got themselves together and joined me on the the patio were I could see and hear everything that just took place.WOW!she's hot he says to me.I told him thats way they call her Hotstuff.We all sat watched the race,ate and drank for the afternoon,with a little playing around here an there.I think my poor friend had a hard on the whole afternoon.The evening finally came apon us and we headed in the house for the A.C. and to listen to some music.We were showing him the site on the computer,I didn't think he relized how much of swingers we really were till he seen our profile and all the stuff we have in here.He thought it was pretty cool that we were into it like we were.Like I told him lifes to short not to enjoy it.After showing him the site and talking a little we went to the livingroom and took a seat.Hotstuff in the middle and him and I on each side of her.I started taking off her clothes and playing around with her as she undid his pants.She told us to get out of our clothes so she could get to our cocks.We fingered her and sucked on her little titties as she stroked our cocks.We both were hard as rocks.I told her to get into a doggie position and suck on him while I had some desert,nothing like a hot dripping pussy for desert.She sucked on him as I licked her asshole and pussy.I made her cum 2 times before I told her to sit on his cock.She mounts him and starts to ride him.I sat next to them so I could suck her titties and rub her clit.My friend said to me,I can't believe how wet she is and man does it feel good.Hotstuff came 2 more times off my playing and her riding him.I could see he was about to cum as he stopped her from moving.He said to her I don't want to cum yet I want to build it up more.Right there I knew he won Hotstuff over and she was thinking,just like Wayne does.Then it came out,you and Wayne are 2 of a kind she said.I knew Hotstuff was enjoying his cock The guy has 7 an half inches and is thick as hell.Hotstuff likes 2 cocks in her pussy at the sametime.But with the thickness of his cock and mine put together we would never get them in her without hurting her.So we took turns on her pussy and kept giving her orgasm after orgasm.She told us she wanted us to fill her pussy full of cum.I asked my friend if he would like to fill her first.He said to me that he had been in 3-somes before and liked seconds.I told him me too,I love a sloppy cum filled pussy.So I started fucking her from behind for all I was worth as she sucked on his cock somemore.In an out,and when I say out I mean all the way out and slam back into her,she really like when a man does that.I fucked her for about 20 minutes and my cock started to fill her pussy.All I heard was yes,yes,yes it feels so good,comming out of Hotstuff mouth.I kepted on pumping my cock in an out of her till I was all done cumming.I pulled out and licked up some of the cum as she moaned and growned.I motioned to my friend to come and fuck her before she came to far down off her orgasmic high.I stood there to watch that thick cock of his enter her as she let out a whimper then went and sat in front of her,so she could have a taste of our cum on my cock and balls.My friend was moving real slow like she was going to break her.Thats when Hotstuff told him harder and faster Baby.He started to really pound on her then.Thats the way Hotstuff told him,just like that.He fucked her for 30 minutes then we heard him say,I'm going to cum.Yes fill my pussy fill it good Hotstuff replied.Harder,harder fuck yeah I'm cumming Hotstuff says,me too my friend said.He must have put a gallon of cum into her because all I could see was big globs of cum falling to the floor.He asked Hotstuff if she could handle anymore and if she could he'd like to try and cum again.When it come to sex and cum you don't have to ask Hotstuff twice.She said to him go for it babe,make me cum again.15 minutes later he was filling her pussy again.That got me so hot I had a good hard on going again myself.After he was done I told him to let Hotstuff tongue clean his cock.I got up and walked behind her and stuck my cock into her,man that pussy was cum soaked big time.I fucked her again till I was shooting more cum into her pussy.After the 3 of us came down off the high of great sex we all got into the shower an got cleaned up.He ended up spending the night and we both got a breakfast quickie the next morning.Needless to say he's 1 of Hotstuff regulars now and we get together once or twice a month.Those cutoff get her laid everytime .

AmourSpeckFully 50M

5/27/2006 6:32 am

All I can say is you guys are sooo coool .I hope to be apart of one of your blogs Just keep on sharing your fun times

hotstuff2x4u2cum 55M/57F

5/27/2006 7:58 am

Would love to have you as one of our story Blogs.Tuesday is still up in the air,you never gave us your number.Talk to you soon.

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