Doing The Dirty All Night Long!!!  

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2/16/2006 12:23 pm

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Doing The Dirty All Night Long!!!

Like I said in my last Blog.I did some
cammin and chatted afterward.Then it was
off to bed.We sucked and fucked the night
away.Started off with a full body massage.
I just love my legs,ass and pussy massaged.
I was still soaked from cammin and chattin,
so I was still horny as hell.After getting
me all relaxed from the massage he started
in on my pussy.He flipped me on my back
giving him full access to my pussy.He
started suckin on my big toe,man that can
dive me nuts.Everytime I would put my hand
on my pussy he would take it away.He didn't
want me touching myself.Then he started
kissing up my inner legs,switching from
one leg to the other.He stopped and spent
some time on my thighs,lickin and giving me
light kisses.Then with one long motion with
his tongue he licked around my pussy,tracing
the outline of it.Still not touching it all
the way.He was diving me fucking nuts and
he knew it.Everytime I would grab his head
he would fight me making sure not to hit my
pussy.God he loves to tease the shit out of
me and he's really good at it too.He knows
just what to do to me to get me more soaked
than I already was.I could feel his throbbing
cock on my leg as he was pressing against me.
The horny fuck was humpimg my leg like a dog.
I was still trying to grab his head and force
him into my pussy.Finally after 30 minute of
teasing the hell out of me,he takes one long
lick from my ass all the way to my clit
then back down to my ass again real lightly.
All I know is I wanted that tongue as far as
he could get it into my pussy.The warmth of
his tongue felt electrifing as he started
to tongue fuck me fast and deep.I knew once
he would zero in on my clit I'd be shooting
cum onto his tongue.He held me there on that
eage of cummin for 15 to 20 minutes.Damn I
thought I was going to explode.He turned
postioning himself into a nice 69.I couldn't
wait to get his cock into my mouth.I went
off on him like he had the last cock in the
world.He started flicking his tongue on my
clit 10 to 15 time then started sucking on
it while still flicking it with his tongue.
I love the way he eats my pussy,when he
sucks on my clit he has a way to fuck me
with his nose.The combo of his sucking and
the hot air from his breathing is enough
to dive any woman nuts.I could feel the
juices flowing out of me down the crack
of my ass.He would take little pauses to
lick up what had flowed out of me.I was
already to cum and he knew it.He put a lip
lock onto my clit and started sucking like
a mad man having his first taste of pussy.
Two flicks of his tongue combined with his
sucking had me in a earth shattering orgasm.
I could hear him slurping and sucking up
all my juices as it flowed out of me.He
didn't stop,he just went right back at it.
He knows once I orgasm the others come one
after another.Its like one constant orgasm
for me after the first one.He doesn't stop
till I can't take it anymore.He aways get
me off 3 to 5 times eattin me.After my 3rd
orgasm he pulls me to the corner of the bed.
He likes this postion because it gives him
easy access to my clit.He knows I love my
clit rubbed while he thrust his cock in and
out of me,deep and hard.He got me off a few
more times then pulled out and started to
eat me again.He love to eat my juices he
always says I have the best tasting pussy
around.He makes me orgasm again eattin me.
After he sucked up all my juices I got up
so I could suck his cock some more.I suck
on his cock till I made myself orgasm.I
stood up and turned showing him my ass and
pussy,eaging him on to fuck me from behind.
He gets on his knees and starts kissing and
licking my ass.He starts tongue fucking me
from behind and flicking my clit till I beg
him to give me his cock.All I could say was,
fuck me,fuck me hard.I want to feel every
inch of that beautiful cock of yours.I lay
my chest on the bed and grab my ass checks
spreading my ass and pussy for his hard cock.
He likes when I spread myself open like that.
He likes to thrust his cock into me with one
long hard thrust,then pull all the way out
and back in again.I love it when he does this.
He did this to me for 10 minutes then went
crazy on my pussy.He pumped on me like a
wild animal.Damn I couldn't control myself
at all.The cum was running down my legs as he
pumped on me.I can tell when he's ready to
cum,he slows way down,nice deep slow
strokes.Holding himself at the eage of
cumming.I knew one thing,he was going to
give me a load that I wouldn't forget.This
man shoots a load,he shoots a load.He asked
me where I would like his load.I told him
to shoot it in my mouth,I wanted to taste
our love juices together.With that being
said he couldn't hold out no longer.He
pulls out,I get on my knees as I take his
cock into my mouth.I feel the first jets
of cum flow on to my tongue.I have this
habit of holding cum in my mouth and
swurling the cum and my tongue around the
head of a cock,it does drive a man nuts.
After being sure he was all done cumming
and watching him shake and quiver I
swallow his load of cum.Emmmmm I love the
taste of cum.I lost count on how many
count on how many time I orgasmed,I know
it was way up there.By now it was hittin
6:00am in the mornning.We laid on the bed
caressing and holding each other till we
finally we fell asleep.It was 1:00pm in
the afternoon before we woke up and started
are day.That was our Valentine's Day.How
was your day and night?Did you have as
much fun as we did?I hope so,nothing in
the word like good lovin and great sex.
Peace,Love n Sex everyone Hotstuff

AmourSpeckFully 50M

2/17/2006 7:34 am

Mmmm sounds abit like my night as well . Nothing like getting as much pleasure enticed out of your partner, ecspecially teasingly.

hotstuff2x4u2cum 55M/57F

2/17/2006 9:43 am

Glad to see at least someone had as much fun as we did.Teasing sure makes for a more intence orgasm thats forsure.Just love that sexual high I get.Keep exploring and having fun... Hotstuff

usuckilick6969 55M

2/17/2006 7:56 pm

nothing like a mutual gratifying wrestling match that ends up leaving both worthy opponets gratified and satisfied,call me if your ready for the state championship!!!

hotstuff2x4u2cum 55M/57F

2/18/2006 8:25 am

usuckilick thats a great handle you have there.I love to do both myself.Yes it was a great night forsure.State Championship emmmm I'm sure no one would be a loser in that competition Hotstuff

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